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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spa Peachy: Whom You Know Kicks off our Coverage of Advanced Derma Laser

There are so many spa options in Manhattan, and we just found one more unique opportunity for you: Advanced Derma Laser. Who knew hair removal could be so easy? Whom You Know will be experiencing Laser Hair Removal with two panelists who come to the process with two different kinds of situations and will chronicle their experiences so you may understand what this entails and how it works. We chose Advanced Derma Laser, at 422 Madison, and are working with Jennifer Kandemir, an experienced cosmetologist of over ten years. Jennifer previously worked with hair color, and for the past ten years she has worked at Elizabeth Arden, Warren Tricomi, John Freida and John Sahag with Laser Hair Removal.

Advanced Derma-Laser offers both individual and package treatment options. Most patients need 4 to 6 treatments, and, after evaluation, they determine the best treatment plan for you.  There are typically six weeks inbetween each treatment.

All Areas Can Be Treated Including:

Lower Leg
Full Legs
Bikini Line
Lower Back
Half Arms
Breast (Areola)
Beard (w/Throat)

It is important to understand that there should be no tweezing , waxing or depilatory creams for at least three weeks prior to treatment. Shaving is okay; however, but you should not shave for at least two days before you come to the treatment as they need to see where the hair is located.  This will not work if you are taking any kind of acne medication and Advanced Derma Laser diligently evaluates your specific situation prior to performing any laser hair removal.

Laser treatments are not effective for white, grey, red or light blonde hairs as these types of hairs are not treatable with laser. Pregnant women cannot be treated. You cannot tan during this process, so now is the best time of year to do laser hair removal we believe.

Whom You Know brings you two panelists. Perhaps the anonymity of our Panel is most valued now! We will call our panelists Ms. A.B.H. and Ms. Q.V.H. and the only time we will define the initials for the sake of keeping this a classy site is now. Different kinds of hair situations will respond differently to this so we will be illustrating this with Ms. A.B.H. (A Bit Hairy) and Ms.Q.V.H. (Quite Very Hairy).   This is a several week process and we look forward to telling you the story and discussing the results!

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