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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Celebrate Happy Hour in Style with the Martini Glass by Bottega del Vino Crystal!

We have been singing the praises of this fabulous Crystal brand: Bottega del Vino, that we became familiar with through Bottlenotes, and now that happy hour is well underway in Manhattan, we must recommend their Martini glass!

Hand made by their skilled artisans, this stunning Martini glass is like no other. A graceful and sensual stem that adorns any occasion.  Peachy Deegan just loves it and is using it right now!
Height: 7 5/8”.  Capacity: 6 oz.  Price: $ 60.00

We suggest a Dirty Startini.  "It is so amazing with green olives stuffed with blue cheese or almonds.  Light on the dirty, because Star is so smooth you want to be able to taste the vodka," says Charles.  This was of course suggested by our Mover and Shaker, Charles Ferri, the CEO of Star Vodka.

We also love what they do for our Champagne:
and our Scotch:

Whom You Know highly recommends Bottega del Vino Crystal!  

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