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Friday, January 8, 2010

For Purists Only: Green/Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Air Purification by Rabbit Air Whom You Know is Pleased to Continue our Coverage of this Innovative Brand

We first featured Rabbit Air under Gotham Gadgets earlier this week, and emphasized how it is essential in combating germs to ensure your best health.  Did you know that Rabbit Air is also recognized for its commitment to the environment?  Now seen as an ally of the sustainability movement and paired alongside other green products, Rabbit Air purifiers are considered among a small number of products that are “high tech, low impact.” 

Rabbit Air purifiers not only work on improving the atmosphere in homes, but they consider the planet, as a whole.  This low impact approach is seen in Rabbit Air’s Brushless Direct Current Motor which is designed to use significantly less power than motors found in similar air purifiers.  A new generation HEPA filter lasts twice as long as convention filters to reduce waste and increase efficiency.  Rabbit Air purifiers have earned the Energy Star and are an energy efficient choice that can save families up to fifty percent on their energy bill with similar savings of greenhouse gas emissions.  Style, effectiveness, and versatility have not been compromised in the promise of Rabbit Air’s energy efficient design.   It truly is a stunning purifier says Peachy Deegan!  We would not be surprised to see it among the best works of art in galleries or museums here in Manhattan.

Rabbit Air believes in finding natural solutions to good health.  Unlike other air purifiers which use UV lights or ozone to help rid the air of contaminants, Rabbit Air’s HEPA filter is coated in a thin layer of Gingko Biloba which naturally absorbs and destroys harmful germs and bacteria.  A signature Toxin Absorber Filter destroys Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and other harmful chemicals before they get to your lungs.  Rabbit Air purifiers do not produce any harmful byproducts and are completely ozone free.  Earthy Peachy loves all of this!

Rabbit Air customers can feel good about their purchase both globally and locally, supporting a clean environment for their families while keeping energy usage and waste at a minimum. 

Rabbit Air is a Los Angeles based company that plays a revolutionary role in the air purification industry, providing environmentally friendly products with design in mind. Dedicated to designing state-of-the-art products that are highly effective, energy efficient and affordable, Rabbit Air’s purifiers are all based on HEPA filtration technology and do not produce ozone.

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