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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whom You Know Kicks off our Coverage of Lacoste with the Ekani! One of the Best Sporty Looks in Manhattan says Peachy Deegan, who has worn Lacoste her whole life

We at Whom You Know look high and low for the best, most innovative and most interesting for you in every category and with our new column "See Manhattan on Your Feet," we have featured some fabulous brands, all of which we recommend.  (If we didn't recommend them, they would not be featured...we were brought up to say nothing if we didn't have anything nice to say!)

Of all of the brands featured in "See Manhattan on Your Feet," Lacoste is the only brand that Peachy Deegan has been wearing her whole life.  She was wearing Lacoste before she really had any say in what she wore.  See her grandmother who is pictured on the side bar: She bought quite a bit of Lacoste for  Peachy as a child.  Now that we are much older and of course make our own fashion decisions and try to help you too, positively impacting your decisions, we still wear Lacoste and the sporty style of Ekani has captured our attention.  Ekani has a sleek velcro strap and comes in white with magenta accents.  We really like these for the upcoming spring training season: the pink stitching reminds us of baseball laces.    About a third of the way back from the front a cute pink suede stripe begins at the base of the sneaker that extends to the back panel.  Predominantly white, they will go with everything.  These are among the most fashionable sneakers we have found!  They are so cute and Peachy Deegan just loves them.  They are also practical for long walks down Madison Avenue and have classic zig-zag treads on the bottom.  Do not ruin your feet-protect them in style with Lacoste!  Whom You Know highly recommends the Ekani by Lacoste.  You all need a pair:

Symbol of relaxed elegance since 1933, the Lacoste brand, built on its genuine sporting roots, offers a unique and original universe through a wide range of products for men, women and children. LACOSTE SA, animates, controls and coordinates nine worldwide licenses granted to various industrial partners: apparel, footwear, fragrances, leather goods, eyewear, watches, home textiles, belts and mobile phones.
The LACOSTE brand has achieved a wholesale turnover of 1.5 billion Euros in 2008. In the 113 countries where the brand is present, two Lacoste products are sold every second through LACOSTE boutiques, corners in department stores and a selective distribution network.

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