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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Delicious Self Tanning Cream -with Unsaponifiables of Cocoa- Is the Best Self Tanner in Manhattan! Get Your Spring in Swing with Clarins

The temperature tells us spring is here!  Are you ready to retire your winter stockings and start baring your legs?  Are your arms ready to emerge from their sleeves?  Your arms and legs will be brilliant with the Delicious Self Tanning Cream with Unsaponifiables of Cocoa by Clarins!  It is absolutely the best self tanner on the market.  It gives you the nicest color, it is the best quality, and it smells the best.  If you can't get away for spring break, you will feel like you did with this amazing product.  

The stats on Delicious Self Tanning Cream -with Unsaponifiables of Cocoa:
*Provides a natural-looking tan with lasting radiance with a mistake-proof application that ensures even results. 
*Moisturizes as it glides effortlessly under the fingertips to drape the skin in softness while an irresistible caramel colour helps guide application. 
* Its delightfully exquisite texture and nourishing properties provide numerous skin benefits and enhance your skin's beauty. 
-*Helps prevent premature skin aging. Now, you can maintain skin's youthfulness while you indulge.

First, exfoliate!  Then rub the cream gently between the fingertips and apply evenly over the face and body, avoiding eyebrows and hairline. Do wash your hands thoroughly after application! 

Active Ingredients:
- Pure Cocoa, with tangible skin care benefits, enhances skin's beauty and your mood. Pure Cocoa has a rich magnesium content known for its relaxing properties, and antioxidant polyphenols. It also soothes and helps protect stressed skin. 
- The purest part of Cocoa butter, called unsaponifiables, helps prevent premature skin aging. 
- Aloe Vera moisturizes as it glides effortlessly under the fingertips to drape the skin in softness and provide a natural-looking tan that appears after a few hours.

Whom You Know highly recommends Delicious Self Tanning Cream -with Unsaponifiables of Cocoa by Clarins: it is the best self tanner in Manhattan and everywhere!

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