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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcoming Mover and Shakers Robert Caravaggi and Stephen Attoe: Peachy's Pictorial Depiction of The Best Restaurant in Manhattan, Swifty's of Course!

Peachy has picked Swifty's, so it comes as no surprise that Stephen Attoe (left) and Robert Caravaggi (right) are going to be Movers and Shakers.  Here they are with Swifty the dog.
See our recommendation:
They make a great team.
When you arrive, Robert will greet you, and Stephen is the Chef.
You will be delighted with both the food and the company at your table!  We cannot wait to interview Robert and Stephen, and never have we done a preview for our previous 175 Movers and Shakers, although we loved them too!  We want to show you just how fabulous Swifty's is, and everything that we recommend is great because of the people behind it, no matter what the subject matter.  We highly recommend Swifty's, and get excited for these two Movers and Shakers!

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