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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boost Your Look with Cutler Volumizing Spray -Get Sexy, Healthy Hair- Highly Recommended By Whom You Know

At Whom You Know, Salon Peachy found that Cutler is among the very best.  If you see Peachy now, you will see how fabulous her hair looks thanks to Rachel and Rodney:

It only made sense for us to test the products that they make!  We began with Cutler’s Volumizing Spray.  This brings body back into your hair - redefining the boundaries of beauty.  With their high fashion background and salon expertise, Cutler knows what it takes to really get noticed on the catwalk.  This specially formulated spray takes hair to new limits making your look pop whether you’re on or off the runway.  This will add a touch of glam to any look with sexy, voluminous tresses.   Peachy Deegan loves this and personally uses this.  The lift it gives her hair is effective and touchable and she uses it all the time!  She loves it.

Product Overview: An alcohol-free, lightweight styling spray designed to give hair body and lift while leaving it totally touchable and easy to manage. 
Retail: $21.00
“With today’s demands and hectic schedules our products have to be performance-based and have reparative benefits. This lightweight product will give you volume and hold while leaving the hair manageable and pliable for quick changes.” 
- Rodney Cutler, Founder and Owner of Cutler Salons and product line 

Spray product on to damp hair concentrating on the roots to mid-length.  Cutler Volumizing Spray is also ideal for kick-starting an existing style on dry hair.  It never weighs hair down or leaves tresses feeling tacky. 

Product Benefits/Key Ingredients: 
  • Alcohol-free
  • Wheat Amino Acids penetrate deep within the hair shaft to strengthen hair
  • Panthenyl Ethyl Ether provides moisture balance and protection leaving hair soft and touchable but never heavy or oily
  • Panthenol and specialty silicone copolymers repair and prevent cuticle damage while providing thermal protection against the damaging effects of heat styling
  • Multi-level UV protection shields the hair from the harmful and color-depleting effects of the sun’s rays
  • Sweet Almond Oil naturally repairs the hair
  • Chamomile Flower Extract adds shine for healthy looking and feeling locks while delivering vital minerals directly to hair
Our beauty panel put this to the test, and here is what they had to say:

Cutler Specialist Volumizing Spray brings body to my hair.  After application, my hair felt super soft and smooth.  With great body and added shine, I felt my hair looked luxurious.  After washing my hair, I sprayed this on before drying.  I applied the spray mainly to my roots, which is what gave me a great lift and body in my hair.  My tresses felt lightweight and there is no hard gel feeling.  My flyaways remained under control and even when a little humid, my hair remained in place.  The spray also provides a thermal protection against the damage that my styling products can cause, leaving my shiny full head of hair happy!

I am always searching for hair products that I love and can recommend to my friends.  The Cutler Volumizing Hair Spray is one of those products.  Most hair sprays I've used always leave a sticky or crunchy feel to my hair, but not this one.  What I love about this hair spray, is that you can use it on damp or dry hair.  It leaves my hair feeling flexible and natural without the sticky feel.  When I've used the spray in while my hair is still damp, after I blow dry my hair, I've noticed immediate volume.  I have never gotten the volume this hair spray has given me with any other volumizing product. I had several colleagues comment and ask what product I've used and have given them my recommendation.  

Cutlets volumizing spray does bring body back into your hair ! I have a lot of hair, however it's very fine... I brought this specially formulated spray into my hairdresser when getting a blow-out and she sprayed on to my damp hair concentrating o the roots to mid length.  Here is how fabulous this amazing spray makes my hair look:
Cutler's volumizing spray gave me both volume and hold with out weighing it down or leaving my hair sticky.
The benefits of this spray are numerous:
*Alcohol free (Which I'm a sticker about)
*It has wheat amino acids that penetrate deeply to strengthen
*And it has multi level uv protection which is beat for me because I color my hair and am always out in the sun.
I love that Cutlers Volumizing Spray has sweet almond oil that naturally repairs my hair while chamomile flower extract adds shine to make my hair healthy looking!
I'm so pleased with this formulated spray because my hairdresser said my hair never looked better and I am constantly asking her for "high hair" like a James Bond girl and now I finally achieved that look.  I'm hooked!!!
( aka "Bond girl")

Cutler Products are available at

CUTLER offers a jolt of fresh, artistic ideas executed by a 130 person staff of energized, innovative and motivated stylists and colorists. The editorial stylists boast work that is featured in top fashion and beauty publications worldwide and CUTLER headlines many shows at fashion week including Cynthia Rowley, Toni Maticevski, James Coviello, Abaete, Y & Kei, Twinkle, Josh Goot, Patrik Rzepski, Yeohlee, Nicole Miller, Proenza Schouler, and more. CUTLER offers avant-garde products committed to creating attainable hair fashion for all. Each lightweight product features a complex of key ingredients that work synergistically to maintain healthy hair.

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