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Monday, April 12, 2010

NIGHTLIGHT: Irish Arts Center Hosts Sundays at Seven-The Only Comedy in 3,400+ Posts That Was Outstanding Enough To Recommend

Before this, Laugh with Peachy only had 3 posts.   Quite honestly, we don't find many people in comedy as amusing as they find themselves.  True wit is a sign of real intelligence.  So far, we have retold one knock knock joke and one blonde joke, but Peachy is not a professional comedienne. (Her own life is far too funny.)  To review our jokes sent to us by our readers previously featured in Laugh With Peachy, (retold because they are so good):

Joker: "Knock, knock"
Jokee: "Who's there."
Joker: "Fuck."
Jokee: "Fuck who?"
& the punchline: "No, no. It's fuck WHOM --it's the object of the verb."  (So, if you want us to review your show be sure to introduce us in the audience with this joke!)


During a company's recent password audit, it was found
that a blonde was using the following password:

When asked why such a big password, she said that it
had to be at least eight characters long.

Thank goodness we met Fiona Walsh, our Mover and Shaker and resident Warren Beatty expert: and Ann Design recently at the Feis at the Hilton.  Fiona and Ann enlightened us and told us about how hard we would laugh at The Irish Arts Center, once a month on Sunday nights.    
A unique collaboration between Ann Design (Irish-American) and Fiona (Tipperary Irish), this brainchild of theirs is quite brainy itself.  We already knew how funny Fiona and Ann are; they are SuperB!  (to get that joke, go to see the show next month, and bring some sherbet for Ann she is in short supply.  Bring something fun for Fiona too; her mother is always sending bad news from Ireland.  The best thing you could bring for Fiona is Warren Beatty.)  This series is THE undiscovered gem of the comedy world and is the BEST IN MANHATTAN.  We haven't told you about the unfunny shows we've sat through and didn't write about.  With proper theater space - no drink minimum, and top line talent Sundays at Seven at the Irish Arts Center is a show to see. 
We're not saying that just because they are Irish either.  (Although that would not be a bad reason.)  We are saying that because Colin Quinn and Jackie Monahan were simply outstanding. Simply hilarious.  Colin we hope you didn't get any stupid questions in your elevator today...
If you are Irish Catholic, you will find Colin Quinn especially funny.  Actually, if you had to make a decision between going to see him live and going to Church on a Sunday, we think the priest would forgive you if you picked to see Colin instead.  He even mentions the apostles and we recommend all priests in Manhattan go see him so they can get some tips for delivering a proper homily.  Our timing was perfect for this since Easter was only a week ago, and Quinn was on about three of the disciples disposition compared to John...

Peachy Deegan must say that the best thing Colin said was that Irish people judge.  (What do you think we are trying to do here!  We are critics at Whom You Know!)  We are not as funny as Colin, but the idea was that in this world of ridiculous political correctness there are people that think it is not OK to judge.  Quinn went on to say something along the lines of: [why deliniate who is an ass and who is not!]   His white guilt commentary was funny as were his escapades with David Spade and Jennifer Aniston.

Jackie Monahan's most characteristic trait is her flamingo pose, which she does every time after saying something funny.  You will find when you listen to Jackie her most favorite word is moist and her least favorite word is breast, so when she orders she gets strange looks from waitresses when she asks for the "grilled chicken titties."  Though the sheepy Stevie Nicks and the Cat/Cher impressions were good, the Katharine Hepburn Guns and Roses is the impression you absolutely must see.  Her sideburn joke is hilarious (see Spa Peachy for our Laser Hair Removal Series at Advanced Derma Laser), her foot flushing at home is just beyond, and the flailing arms in Irish dance paints quite the picture.

The show began with Andy Fitzpatrick strumming on his guitar, and also featured comics Tom Dadario (don't wear flip flops if you plan on committing a crime!), Rena Zager and Liam McEneaney who delighted the audience as well.
When your life is over, you won't wish you spent more time at the office.  You'll wish you spent more time laughing: so, laugh with Peachy at the Irish Arts Center!   This was supported in the past by attendees like Gabriel Byrne who spoke very highly about the show!!

Previous headliners have included
Jim Gaffigan
Ted Alexandro
Dave McSavage
Amy Stiller

Whom You Know brought our Laugh With Peachy Panel, and here is what they had to say:

I usually find that Sunday evenings come too soon…the fun events of the weekend have passed, and I am sitting at home thinking of another week of work ahead.  Sundays at Seven, a monthly comedy show at the Irish Arts Center, is the perfect solution to Sunday evening blues.  Ann Design and Fiona Walsh are two lovely hosts who have created an informal atmosphere where you feel you are among friends.  The 99 seat theater provides an intimate setting to enjoy some relaxed comedy, and unlike other New York comedy clubs there is no pressure to buy drinks (although a bar is available).
The line-up will vary from month to month.  Peachy and I had a great time at the April show.  The night first began with some live music performed by Andy Fitzpatrick, followed by 5 comedians.  While I won’t disservice the performers by trying to repeat their jokes in writing, I liked that all the comedians were true and honest, drawing both on their experiences living in New York and often also touching upon some irish-related topics.  The headliner, Colin Quinn, was hilarious.  He is a true New Yorker who shared tales of growing up as an Irish boy in a largely Italian Brooklyn neighborhood.  Rena Zager shared bits about her work for the Census 2010, while Ann drew some material from her job as a teacher; Tom Daddario had the whole audience laughing as he described a tourist who clutched her purse tightly as he happened to walk behind her in noisy flip-flops.  Jackie Monahan had a unique stage presence, and Liam McEneaney shared misfortunes of company party gone awry after too many cocktails.  Finding humor in our daily lives is a good lesson for all of us!   

After the show Ann and Fiona invited all, both audience and performers, to mingle at a neighborhood pub.  Therefore Sundays at Seven delivers not just a chance to laugh, but also an opportunity to meet new friends as well.  This show is the perfect solution to Sunday evening doldrums, and it starts early enough to still allow for a full night of sleep to gear up for Monday mornings!

Whom You Know highly recommends Sundays at Seven.


Founded in 1972, Irish Arts Center is a New York-based arts and cultural center dedicated to projecting a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America for the 21st century, building community with audiences of all backgrounds, and preserving the stories and traditions of Irish culture for generations to come.  Their multi-disciplinary programming is centered around three core areas: Performance – including live music, dance, theatre, film, literature, and the humanities; Exhibition – including visual arts presentations and cultural exhibitions that tell the evolving Irish story; and Education, with dozens of classes per week in Irish language, history, music, and dance.

Located in New York City, a global capital of arts and culture, Irish Arts Center serves as a dynamic platform for top emerging and established artists and cultural creators to reach a New York, national, and global audience, and as a gateway for other institutions to access first-rate Irish and Irish American culture.

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