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Friday, May 28, 2010

Top It Off with Ellen Christine and Peachy Deegan! What is a little black dress without an accompanying Fabulous Black Hat! Whom You Know Highly Recommends The Ribboned Black Summer Topper by Ellen Christine

With over 30 years’ experience designing and fabricating authentic a la main millinery for both the theatre and the couture fashion crowd, Ellen Colon-Lugo claims the undisputed crown for authentic epoque and high fashion millinery.   We believe she is among the very best worldwide and Peachy Deegan is proud to wear the above creation by Ellen!  We are so pleased to present our first critique on Ellen Christine's hats.

If you don't know about Ellen Christine, your head is fashionably challenged!  A doctoral candidate in costume history at New York University, Ellen reigns at her Chelsea boutique, which Peachy is so glad she swung by and inquired about one day when she quite literally was walking down the street that day to whatever umpteen event.  We don't remember the event but we remember Ellen Christine. Ellen exquisitely produces each one-of-a-kind hat to her exacting specifications, down to the opulent and historically accurate pattern making, stitching and materials.

Catering to collectors, designers, and stylists alike, Ellen Christine’s mouth watering styles, available exclusively at her boutique, fuse history, fashion and high drama. 

This style 
is a modernization of Ellen Christine's sculptured straw, developed for spring 2011.  Clearly a dressy hat, it is fit for the finest of galas and perfect for a day of Polo where you will be seeing Peachy wear it-make sure this Polo event is on your calendar: 

We are confident that the best looking hats in residence that day will have an Ellen Christine label!  Her hats are pure quality.   They stay on your head in windy Manhattan days, they fit perfectly, and this one has great artistic and technical workmanship.    The Ribboned Black Summer Topper is a delight to dresses in Manhattan, day and night, and it is not too heavy so it won't crush your hairstyle.  It is delicate enough to make you an it girl but will stand up to a night on the town including dinner, dancing and whatever your agenda dictates.  Whom You Know highly recommends The Ribboned Black Summer Topper by Ellen Christine!  Order yours today.

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