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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whom You Know Celebrates our 4,000th Post with Talbots: Peachy Deegan Highly Recommends The Beacon Hill Bag it is the Bag of the Summer! We Love the Beacon Hill Collection by Talbots-they are the Best Bags in Manhattan and Everywhere!

Top 20 Reasons Why The Beacon Hill Exotic Leather Shoulder Bag Exudes Excellence

1. The leather is amazingly soft and is of the best quality; the shell is 100% leather
2. The light color is perfect for summer
3. The fabulous gold chain strap is versatility embodied as you can carry it higher when doubled up, or lower near your waist when the strap is single-strand
4. On the strap is a leather attachment with a key, stylishly hung
5. The buckle that closes the Beacon Hill bag has a lock, so you can indeed keep whatever you tote under true lock and key
6. The innovative buckle can be opened when unlocked by squeezing the two circles to either side of the lock towards each other
7. The latch that goes into the lock is super-durable and closes properly each time we've attempted to close it, despite the massive amount of high maintenance material that can accompany Peachy at times
8. The shape of the bag is current and trendy, yet classic.  This in itself is a rare find.
9. It is smartly compartmentalized inside.  There are two main sections, and in the outer of the two a zippered pouch is included, along with a second spot for a cell phone.
10. The outside boasts three well-designed pockets on the opposite side of the closure.  Two are about the same size and the third one is narrower.  Anything you want easy access to is perfect for these three locations.
11.  Although the leather is of the highest quality, this bag is not clunky or heavy.  It is a perfect weight, as long as you are not storing your gold bars in it!
12. Unlike tacky designers, Talbots puts their name in small engraving on the latch.  It does not say Talbots all over the bag.  Talbots is truly classy.
13. Peachy's friend who is a Mover and Shaker on Whom You Know told her today she thinks the Talbots Beacon Hill bag that Peachy carries around is nicer than Prada.
14. There is an extra panel pocket near the latch is the perfect size for your passport and airline tickets when you travel.
15. The stiching is pristine.
16. The zipper inside has a nice leather tab for easy opening and closing
17. This bag is big enough to fit a bottle of champagne in.
18. The lining is 100% cotton
19. It comes in Eggshell, which is a color that goes with everything
20. We love it so much, it made the spot for our 4,000th post!

15½"L x 8½"H x 2¾"W.

Whom You Know loves Talbots and commends Creative Director Michael Smaldone in his ventures there. Read our interview with him:

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