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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Centon Electronics, Inc. Releases its Officially Licensed Collegiate USB Flash Drives and Laptop Sleeves and Whom You Know Highly Recommends Them with the Boston College logo!

Last week, Peachy Deegan was at a business event where she came upon a sporting company that was promoting merchandise with logos...however, she saw an example of an item with Notre Dame on it, so she walked to the next table....those of the marketing persuasion, be advised Peachy Deegan LOVES Boston College to a level that just isn't normal, and still is seeking Regis to bet with her in the Holy War*, so much so, if you are an avid reader, you know her forehead said "Beat Notre Dame" for three weeks at one stage.   At Whom You Know, we love excellent products, but we love them even more with the logo of the Eagles on them...and we were pleased to see the smart people at Centon came up with a fabulous flash drive to fuel Peachy Flutie's extreme enthusiasm.

Centon Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer and designer of DRAM and Flash Based memory products, has released their officially licensed Collegiate Key chain and Twist USB Flash Drives. Centon Electronics Inc. is authorized by Collegiate Licensing Company and Licensing Resource Group to release officially licensed Key chain and Twist USB Flash drives as well as Laptop Sleeves featuring the logos of over 50 collegiate institutions, including Boston College, a highly recommended place of learning. 

Officially Licensed Collegiate USB Flash drives provide a fun and unique way to show your school pride without the words "Beat Notre Dame" suntanned into your forehead, which does not look good in postgraduate photos, particularly at cocktail parties where Patrick McMullan is present (Patrick please tell us you prefer BC over ND). These drives are a convenient way to store, share, and transfer your data. Their reliability and compact form factor make it easy to keep your important files with you on the go, including the list of your emails of all of your favorite classmates that will want to read your post on this fabulous flash drive. 

Made of neoprene and lined with faux fur, Centon’s Officially Licensed Collegiate Laptop Sleeves are lightweight and cozy to protect against bumps.  Centon’s Laptop Sleeves are equipped with an inner elastic strap to keep the laptop secure. These reliable and durable sleeves allow you to keep your computer safe while you’re on the go. 

Centon’s Officially Licensed Collegiate Key chain and Twist USB flash drive are compatible with PC and MAC Systems. Their Key chain USB flash drive includes a convenient built in keychain and a capless slide design for the USB connector. The 2GB drive stores up to 500 songs, 9 hours of video or 800 photos; the 4GB drive stores up to 1000 songs, 18 hours of video and 1600 photos and the 8GB drive stores up to 2000 songs, 36 hours of video and 3200 photos.  All capacity flash drives come with a lifetime warranty and toll free tech support. The entire product line can be found at and are available at retailers and e-commerce sites such as Office Depot, AAFES, CompUSA, Tiger Direct, BestBuy.Com,,, and many others. 

Peachy put the Gotham Gadgets Panel to work, and in the spirit of Chestnut Hill, they said:

WE ARE BC!!!  Maroon and gold through and through.  I am a BC grad, as are my wife, brother and dad.  We are BC football and basketball season ticket holders who rock pretty much BC anything - license plates, sweat shirts, golf shirts, and enough hats to cover every head on my street.  Now thanks to Centon, I also have a BC flash drive key chain. Centon 2 GB flashdrive slides into a BC cover and attaches to my keys. I take home a lot of work and it is so easy and convenient to take home a key chain flash drive rather than lugging my business laptop everywhere. Working in sales, it's already proven to be a great conversation starter. I can't exactly wear a baseball cap or a sweatshirt to a trade show or meeting, but I've used the flash drive during some client presentations and found out there were alumni on the other side of the table.  Needless to say, I made both sales!  Centon 2 GB flash drive is plenty big and very durable - the BC cover is just a bonus feature.   Soar like a BC eagle and use a Centon flashdrive.
Go BC!!

Nothing like truly representing your school by getting the new Centon 2 GB DataStick Keychain.  I love this thing.  I got my BC Eagles logo on the front of this easy-to-use convenient keychain that holds all my work and personal information so I can take it with me on the go.  The look is very sleek.  My particular stick is stainless steel with a maroon & gold BC logo on top of a white back drop, it looks really neat.  Centon was very smart getting official licensing from the NCAA, this will sure to be a popular product for all those college grads working in the real world now or in need of some school spirit for their personal items stored on their computer.  Per my real job I travel and awful lot and given the fact I two computers (one at work & a lap top at home) this is extremely important to me to carry around.  It has a hi-speed certified USB and this little plug & play device assures me I will have all my files and data with me at all times.
All this is great and Centon even went “green” with their plastic packaging and paper made of recyclable materials, very cool.

Centon's 2GB USB Flash Drive by Centon keychain is not only stylish but very easy to use. It comes on a keychain which is great so you can take it with you on the go and comes with the Boston College logo - which ROCKS! I love that the USB comes with different logos on it - it makes it very personal. It works well on either Windows or Mac platform. 2GB is plenty of space for anyone. It's basically over 24 hours of music and no one can listen to that much music in one sitting. It comes in a convenient size with even a keychain so you can have whatever documents, music, etc...with you at all times. Having access to your files couldn't be easier. This reliable and portable device allows you to keep your important files with you on the go. One of the best features overall is that it has a lifetime warrantee - I mean who could ask for a better product? 

*Whom You Know does not endorse religious wars outside of sports competitions between Boston College and Notre Dame, the only two Division 1A Catholic schools in America.  Regis if you are still reading, contact Peachy to bet she has some great ideas.

About Centon Electronics, Inc.
Established in 1978 by Gene Miscione, Centon Electronics, Inc., is a privately owned corporation based in Aliso Viejo, California. Centon's DRAM and Flash Based products are sold to OEM, Retail and Channel customers worldwide. Visit for more details on the full range of our product lines. 

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