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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

De-Frizz Shampoo by Twisted Sista! Try it out if you have the frizzies...

Frizzy hair and lackluster locks are a woman’s enemy, regardless of her hair type, and women worldwide are now making friends with Urban Therapy’s drugstore brand, Twisted Sista, to keep bad hair days far away. 

Originally developed in an urban hair salon in London, the Twisted Sista product line was inspired by the city’s modern multi-cultural women, with little time to spare on complicated hair care at home. Twisted Sista’s salon-tested products clean, nourish, protect, and style to meet the many hair care needs of busy, budget-minded and performance-demanding women worldwide.  

Curly or straight, thick or thin, Twisted Sista’s high-performance products can be used on all hair types to create everything from effortless, everyday styles to sophisticated and sleek hairdos. The formulations include good-for-you ingredients, such as Vitamin E to protect against UV damage and Panthenol to strengthen and protect against breakage, as well as naturally-derived emollients to boost definition and shine.   Peachy Deegan is multicultural in that she comes from four different European backgrounds and grew up in exotic Connecticut, and this worked well on her hair.

De-Frizz Shampoo – For thirsty hair, this shampoo features ingredients derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar to gently cleanse, boost moisture, reduce breakage and frizz, and improve manageability and resilience.  The beauty panel put this to the test, and they report:

While I may not be a 'sista' in the traditional sense of the coined slang, I definitely am one when it comes to my unruly, curly hair and its battle against the frizz and dryness in the summer.  We're having quite a scorcher of a hot and humid early summer here in the east coast and it's with relief to have Twisted Sista's De-Frizz Shampoo in my arsenal of haircare products.  Conceived by Urban Therapy in a salon in London, England, where they have more than a passing acquaintance with inclement weather and the havoc that it wreaks on hair, Twisted Sista's line more than pulls its weight on hair stateside here.  The shampoo cleanses and replenishes the moisture in my hair without overstripping nor overcompensating and weighing it down.  The result is a smooth, more manageable and resilient head of hair.  Priced gently and affordably at under $5 a tube, this is a shampoo I'll be sure to go to in my fight against the frizzies this summer.  

Dry, unruly hair plagues women of every hair type, especially in the summer.  The way to fight back starts in the shower, with a shampoo that moisturizes, protects against damage, tames frizz, and adds shine.  Urban Therapy’s Twisted Sista De-Frizz Shampoo does all of this in one step.   The shampoo cleanses thoroughly to leave shiny hair but doesn’t strip hair of its moisture.  As an added bonus, Twisted Sista De-Frizz Shampoo is one of the few decent under-$5 shampoos around.

My hair is frizzy all the time unless I straighten it after I dry it.  I've found products that help, but don't totally take out the frizz.  Not this shampoo!  When I use this with the de-frizz conditioner, my hair comes out looking nice and smooth--even when I let my hair air dry.  I love that I don't need a lot to get enough lather; and the smell is wonderful as well.

Twisted Sista Shampoo is a very light not heavy shampoo that keeps the frizz away. This is one of the best shampoos on the market. I can't believe how soft, shiny and straight my hair is. I love that my hair is also much more manageable these days due to this product. I'm so happy to finally have amazing hair!

The Twisted Sista products are available at retailers nationwide, including Rite-Aid, Target and Duane Reade stores, as well as online at www.urbantherapylondon.comFor more information, please visit 

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