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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chez Peachy: GelPro ® - The Original Gel Filled Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!!!

You only need to look as far as our three shoe columns to see that we really value keeping our feet happy at Whom You Know, and we could not be more pleased with GelPro.  In our nearly 5,000 posts we have not gotten excited about a floor covering for dry feet until now.  This is not just any mat, it looks beautiful, it feels gorgeous, and it holds a unique space in the market.  As you may imagine we are inundated with products to consider and you know we pick the very best, and GelPro exceeds our expectations.

Peachy Deegan is using a Khaki Rattlesnake 20" x 36" standard length Stand In Comfort model and as she put it in front of her sink, her feet cannot wait until it comes time to do the dishes, although her hands may disagree.  This original gel-filled anti-fatigue floor mat is like none other-it is just total comfort to walk on and is so spa like, we were tempted to make this a double feature in Spa Peachy.  We recommend walking on it in bare feet or socks as you don't want to damage it with shoes, particularly stilettos. 

GelPro ®, the world's original gel filled anti-fatigue floor mat, is a premium comfort floor mat designed to alleviate nagging neck, foot and back pain resulting from standing on hard flooring for long periods. GelPro Mats can be distinguished from traditional anti-fatigue mats in two distinct ways. The first is the unabashed attention paid to the quality of the top fabrics used on GelPro Mats. The second distinguishing characteristic is the material used as the support mechanism at the center of GelPro Mats. GelPro uses gel, which is superior to the foam used in other mats. GelPro Mats are available in over 300 combinations of fabrics, colors and sizes including Basketweave, Cordoba, Crocodile, Flora, Ostrich, Striated, Trellis, Rattlesnake and Wicker. Each GelPro Mat is made from a 3-dimensional texture that feels wonderful under foot, conveying a relaxed comfort sure to be appreciated by all. In addition, the unique GelPro palette of styles and colors reflect today's most current decorating trends.

The entire collection of GelPro Mats can be purchased via the GelPro website at or by calling 1 (866) GEL-MATS (435-6287). Prices range from $69.95 – $1,099.95. The collection includes standard sizes, 20’’ x 36’’ and 20’’ x 72’’, Designer Sizes, 28” x 48”, 28’’x 72’’, 28’’ x 108’’, 28’’ x 144’’, 36” x 48”, 36’’ x 72”, 36” x 108” and 36” x 144”, and 18” x 24” Spot Mats. Select mats are also available at specialty retailers in the United States and Canada. GelPro’s website features a store locator, which is searchable by city, state and zip code, serving as a convenient tool for customers to locate the closest retailer. GelPro – Stand in Comfort!®

Bon Home ® - Making Good Homes Great

Company Description
Thoughtfully designed and beautifully engineered, household innovations from Bon Home enable customers to work smarter, clean faster and entertain guests in ways never before possible. Bon Home’s vision is brought to life through its dynamic products, which revolutionize the way consumers work at home.  Bon Home products are progressive and solve everyday problems, helping customers discover a new and better way to do something familiar. 
Rigorously testing every product before release, the company’s passion ensures that customers receive top-notch products.  The sleek, distinguishing and premium design style sets Bon Home products apart.  Simply put, Bon Home solves common problems with uncommon solutions. It all started with Bon Home’s sister company, GelPro®, and their successful line of gel-filled anti-fatigue floor mats. Today, Bon Home is leveraging this philosophy of ingenuity and enhanced living to bring imaginative products straight to the kitchen. Bon Home – Making Good Homes Great.

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