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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Weeks Starts Now: Do You Know What Your Feet Are Wearing? The Hottest Style In Manhattan is Polly by Dana Davis! Walk with Class, Style and Comfort into Lincoln Center...these are the kind of boots Bill Cunningham would notice!!!

Happy Fashion Week New York!  We cannot think of a better way to kick off Fashion Week than with a kick of the Polly boot by Shoe Goddess Dana Davis!  Like we told you last time, sometimes the Best of Manhattan must come from Beverly Hills, and the hottest fashionistas of the Big Apple will be wearing the sharp suede Polly!  Absolutely to die for, this caliber of suede is unprecedented for lesser designers.  Finally, there is a sexy boot that is classy as well.  If you just feel these boots, you will fall in love.  Peachy Deegan herself went to bed in them the day she got them, as she loves them so much she cannot take them off.  Polly is the Sexy Soldier with a 55mm heel height.  Oooh we love it, finally Peachy is tall! The Polly features new and invisible Dana Davis comfort technology, which we know and love.  We love the Polly in black, but it is also available in dark brown.  Whom You Know highly recommends the Polly by Dana Davis and it is the best boot on the market we believe.

Dana Davis is a revolutionary new salon collection that melds luxury styling with invisible comfort technology. Named for the company’s owner Dana Davis, the brand was inspired by her quest to find exquisite, fashion-forward shoes that would reflect the most sophisticated designer tastes and still support the health of the wearer. The Dana Davis brand is based on the belief that cutting-edge style and comfort are not mutually exclusive; the chic, design-driven silhouettes are handcrafted in Italy with a focus on luxury, high-fashion elegance and meticulous construction.

Dana consults with a team of leading foot care professionals including foot and ankle surgeons, podiatrists and pedorthists to engineer each style in the collection from the inside out with strategic cushioning, customized arch supports and built-in or removable orthotics.  We agree with her philosophy at Whom You Know.  The Polly boot is so incredibly comfortable, you would never know it from how sharp it looks.  Our point is that many designers fail to capture any measure of comfort and sacrifice our actual feet for design, while the manufacturers of boots that are comfortable leave us look like we're about to walk on the moon when all we really want is to take a nice stroll down Madison Avenue.  Dana Davis understands that, and you will love her shoes and boots!!!

  • A first of its kind TRI-DENSITY ORTHOTIC is designed for each style to balance unnatural wobble of the foot and provide support and cushion in the heel and forefoot regions.
  • THE INSOLE BOARD of the shoe has been re-designed with additional arch contour adjustments and support features that differ for each style and heel height.
  • Each style is designed with hand-selected UPPER MATERIALS that allow for both flex and support in designated areas.
  • ANKLE STRAPS in specific styles work to control foot motion and HEEL POSITIONING helps to counteract instability and wobble.
  • Forefoot angulation is lessened through the use of PLATFORMS, INSOLES AND INCREASED OUTSOLE THICKNESS, reducing the pitch of the foot without compromising heel height.  For sure, you will be wanting to See Manhattan On Your Feet for miles in Dana Davis shoes!

    Retailers in New York (and for other retailers, go to her site listed below)

    Diane B
    1414 Third Avenue, New York NY 10022
    (212) 570-5360

    Diane B
    820 Lexington Ave, New York NY 10065
    (212) 644-2082
    French Sole Comfort
    972 Lexington Ave, New York NY 10021
    (888) 637-7247
    Harry's Shoes
    2299 Broadway @ 83rd St, New York NY 10024
    (866) 442-7797
    Hellers Shoes
    92 South Moger Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549
    (914) 241-3777

    Dana Davis:
    Dana Davis has spent most of her life as an activist, philanthropist and educator, fueled in part through her own personal struggle with Type 1 Diabetes with which she was diagnosed at age seven. She has been at the forefront of the renowned Children’s Diabetes Foundation - a nonprofit organization founded by her parents Marvin and Barbara Davis - which is dedicated to research and the establishment of groundbreaking clinical and education programs in the area of childhood diabetes. Together with her family, she has raised over $75 million for diabetes research and wellness, through such events as the Carousel of Hope, a biennial fundraiser ball established in 1978 that is one of Los Angeles’ most notable social occasions.

    After graduating from the University of Southern California with a Master’s Degree in Education, Dana began her career as an elementary school teacher. During these early teaching years, she became plagued by Diabetes-related foot problems, exacerbated by long hours spent on her feet in the classroom. Throughout the next twelve years, she would undergo eight corrective foot surgeries until ultimately, she was advised to discontinue teaching and adopt a critical foot care program. Her disillusionment with the search for luxurious yet comfortable shoes inspired a desire to develop her own line. Dana's passion for shoes also runs in the family; her great uncle and shoe manufacturer Falk Levine is widely credited for creating the "mule," the now common backless style shoe that first surged in popularity in the 1930s.

    In addition to developing her high-fashion footwear collections, Dana continues her life-long philanthropic endeavors through seats on the Board at The Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA, The Nancy Davis Center Without Walls and the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.

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