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Friday, September 10, 2010

Men's Swany Casual Tech Performance Gloves Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Keep Your Hands Warm While You Use Your Phone!

Before you know it, we will all be freezing here in Manhattan, and Peachy will be dashing off via Liberty Jet to Florida for some sun and fun.  But she'll spend most of her time here despite the cold, because we are so dedicated to telling you about the latest and greatest in Manhattan.  Well, you know Peachy is set from the Brave the Cold Feature for Women, that ran earlier this week:
Swany kicked off Brave the Cold this season on Whom You Know, and the men put their casual tech performance gloves to the test!  We can't leave the men of Whom You Know out in the cold.  The stellar men's panel says:

I hate the cold just as much as Peachy, so any product in existence that will make my winter more bearable I want to know about!  I tried the fabulous Swany Casual Tech performance gloves with my iphone, which in past three winters had been obnoxious to use in the dead cold and blistering wind that we all dread.  With regular gloves your hands freeze in the wind of Manhattan of course, but with the Swany gloves, you can use the phone while wearing the gloves. So ingenious, these gloves work so well with the phone, particularly in regards to scrolling through messages and punching up applications.  They fit well, they're well made, and the dual purpose of wearing gloves for fashion and function is successfully addressed by Swany.  These are also excellent for dexterity, and are stylish in any temperature.  You can wear them skiing or out for a night on the town with a black cashmere jacket.  People will be amazed to see you typing in the dead of winter on your iphone and wonder what you are wearing on your hands!  These gloves work better than any other glove I've seen compatible for an iphone, and I highly recommend them!

Okay, I know we're all still enjoying the tail end of summer, but in the spirit of preparedness, it can't hurt to start thinking about the cooler months.  That's why I volunteered to take a look at a new glove on the market that's perfect for using all your electronic devices while keeping your hands warm.  Swany Performance gloves have a reinforced palm and a gel grip which is great when trying to hold a cell phone or car keys.  But the best feature is the tip on the index finger and the thumb.  It is a material that is compatible with touch screens.  I had to try the index finger material to see if it really worked.  I was in awe, I was able to use my I touch with no problem.  I look forward to using these gloves this winter because I'm confident I will not have to worry about cold fingers when I want to make a call or change a song. Swany will be my glove of choice this winter, perfect for everyday use from driving to working out, to walking in the city on a cold day while scrolling through my I phone. 

I hate the cold and I hate to be inconvenienced.  In today's world, you cannot get on without a cell phone so this fact of life needs to be addressed in any weather.  Fortunately, with the awesome Swany Casual Tech performance gloves, I can answer my phone and do everything I would want to do as if it were balmy September fashion week for Peachy, when it is the dead of winter.   These are lightweight and don't weigh you down and are the smartest thing I've seen in a long time.  Bravo Swany!  We can brave the cold with you, even though I'd rather be in Florida, your gloves are one thing that makes Northern winters a plus for me.


About Swany:


From different sides of the world, two glove manufactures met by chance, thus launching a partnership that would give new shape to the snow and sport glove industry.
Our story begins back in 1895 when Elmer Little & Sons, a family run company located in the small upstate New York town of Gloversville, began specializing in upscale dress and casual glove production. Generations later, a well-known Elmer Little & Sons set out to create an overseas manufacturing operation. Impressed with the Japanese commitment to hard work, product quality and fair business dealings, Elmer Little began production in Gotembu, Japan in 1958.
Meanwhile, Swany Japan was an emerging leader as a dress and causal glove manufacturer in Japan. Swany Japan, seeking a venture of their own, created Swany America in 1980, which quickly gained respect and popularity among manufacturing peers in the US.
As this story goes, Swany America joined forces and acquired Elmer Little & Sons in 1987. Not long after, Swany was the first in the snow and sport industry to introduce the Flexor- a glove created from space age technologies. We use the same design that folks at NASA use in their space programs. Another proud accomplishment was the acquisition of the Hotfingers name, a brand that combines the latest hi-tech materials with a great value.
This was the beginning of the high performance sport glove program known around the world today as Swany.

TodayIt’s over a decade since the production of our first sport glove and we still love our job - combining the latest textile technologies with the mind blowing glove designs that really work. It’s easy to see our passion for the outdoors through our innovative styles – we create lightweight, functional, stylish and most importantly – warm and comfortable gloves.
Although we’ve built eight offices around the globe and have presence in thousands of retail stores, our small company culture keeps us focused on what’s important – producing the highest quality glove on the market.

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