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Monday, September 27, 2010

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Private Aviation Travel with Liberty Jet!!! Life's a Journey, Not a Destination and Liberty Jet is the Best Way to Arrive in Style, Safety and Speed!!! Don't Settle For Anything Less than Liberty Jet, The Challenger and Pilot and President Christian Deputy!!!!

When Peachy Deegan had the need for speed in the past, she often turned to a car unless she was in Spruce Creek. Now she is pleased to say she's only thinking Liberty Jet since critiquing the performance of Liberty Jet President and Pilot Christian Deputy as seen below and the Challenger as seen above!!!  
Here is Christian Deputy on video:
If commercial aviation is making you crazy and you long for sanity, safety, class and sophistication in the air there is only one way to go: Liberty Jet.  And the Challenger is the jet of choice we'd say.   From now on, you absolutely must charter all of your flights from Liberty Jet!  You could not ask for a more skilled pilot, and also one who is more personable!

Liberty Jet is by far the most exquisite travel experience one can have, and by the end of this review you can see why we have said in nearly 5,200 posts this one post is by far the most exciting!!! 
And you know Peachy has told you she comes from a car family, but did you also know she comes from an aviation family? They love things that go, and Peachy's dad is an engineer in the field of aviation. You may think with nearly 900 posts on beauty Peachy Deegan grew up in that kind of environment, but in reality she went to many, many, many airshows as a child and her dad told her she couldn't wear makeup until she was 20.  She's been to Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Geneseo (NY), McGuire Air Force Base (NJ)...she has seen the Blue Angels and many more.  The point is that we know a thing or two about planes, and we now have a post to discuss this expertise.  Peachy Deegan consulted the Pilot Peachy Panel which also includes an air traffic controller, before boarding Liberty Jet, and they told her: The Challenger Jet that you will be flying on was built in 1991 and has engines built by General Electric. That type of jet was first built in the early '80. It was one of the first, if not first, business jet that had a wider fuselage and the ability for most passengers to stand up, instead of walking around hunched over. Most corporate or charter jets in that class should have a well appointed interior and it should be a blast flying in it.
A blast was an understatement. This is Peachy Deegan's most favorite review ever!
A well appointed interior is like saying the Presidential Suite at The Waldorf is pretty nice and the food at Swifty's is pretty good.
You could not ask for anything more!
The cockpit is incredible:
Peachy Deegan checked out everything before takeoff, in a Whom You Know kind of way, not an official pilot kind of way, because she is not a pilot, she is a critic.  While she looked at the cockpit from the hall of the Challenger, Christian and Michael Burke, Assistant Director of Operations and Co-Pilot can be seen in the distance:
And here they are for takeoff:
Peachy sat right there for most of the flight in the jumpseat so she could see everything!!!  
Words cannot describe the degree of ubercool of this experience no matter how great a writer you are, so she brought two cameras and a tripod, and yes, she is a professional photographer but we leave that only for the very, very best of Whom You Know like this.  
We departed from Farmingdale, New York.
Here is the video of the runway:
Here is the video of the takeoff:
When we were off the ground it looked like this:
Yes, another day at the office for President of Liberty Jet, Christian Deputy.  
He is an extremely diligent pilot:

Ever wonder what Jones Beach looks like from above?  This is it!  
Above is far away; below is a bit closer.
Why do we love Liberty Jet? Let us count the ways. They are sticklers for detail. 
Every aspect of the entire flight from the perfect emailed itinerary from Julien Schulman to the extreme cleanliness of the jet was attended to, but in all of the observations of detail, there is one strong point we want to bring to your attention that makes Liberty Jet really stand out: their commitment to excellence and their standard of safety.

Liberty Jet is four years old and they have the highest safety ratings in the industry:
They are Wyvern approved and have achieved an Argus Gold status. Their procedures, training, safety rating and experience of the management team all rated by an independent safety commission prove that they set the standard in the industry. There is nothing more important than safety, and Peachy has never been on a smoother flight. Their site says in regards to safety:

Before an aircraft is even suggested as an appropriate choice for a mission, the particular aircraft and its crew must be approved by Liberty Jet’s Director of Safety. To begin this process, they look for operations that have been evaluated by an independent auditing agency, such as Wyvern or ARG/US. This is to verify that the aircraft that they manage are operated under the most stringent measures. From here, individual aircraft and the aircraft’s crew are reviewed and qualified, once and solely if they meet their required standards.
In the process they evaluate:
• Aircraft history
• Pilot total time in all aircraft, multi-engine aircraft and aircraft type
• Aircraft Insurance Policies
• Flight hours in the past 90 days and 12 months
• Complete pilot history including sanctions, incidents or accidents
• Compliance of all standard Federal Aviation Regulation requirements
Liberty Jet maintains both a Wyvern Recommended and ARG/US Gold rating. These ratings require them to maintain higher levels of safety than required by the FAA and report pilot and operational information on a regular basis.
There is a significant cost associated with these ratings, but they believe it’s an inherent necessity to assure aircraft owners and charter customers that Liberty Jet maintains standards above and beyond industry standards. Regardless of aircraft size or model they are passengers on, the aircraft and its crew are trained and operated by the industries best and most qualified flight crews.
To further their standards, Liberty Jet has developed, implemented, and maintains a full functioning safety management system (SMS), in accordance with the latest International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidance. Under this system, Liberty Jet is able to comprehensively analyze all of the operating functions and operating environment(s) of the company, identify any and all perceived hazards and risks, then design and implement appropriate risk controls. These functions include, but are not limited to the organizational structure, process and procedures, employees, equipment and facilities utilized by Liberty Jet to provide safe, professional and efficient transportation services to clientele.

As an industry, less than five percent of all operators have been able to accomplish this task. Liberty Jet’s SMS is just another example of how they proactively monitor safety throughout the organization.


There have been eight jets in the fleet and they are adding two more now. In the four years of operation they have only discontinued working with one jet and one employee. 
 Like Whom You Know, all Liberty Jet does is grow. With 20 pilots, 10 jets and 32 employees, this is a brand on the move and we have never seen anything faster!  Aside from the fact that they are excellent at what they do, they are fabulous, quality people and Peachy first met Christian a year ago, thank you Charles.

Liberty Jet offers elite travel services to individuals and companies that prefer industry expertise to efficiently handle their private travel needs, without compromising safety, quality or service. As an entrepreneurial company, Liberty Jet has the creativity and flexibility to think out of the box of traditional charter companies and have the ability to customize a solution to meet any and all of your demands.
We love that philosophy and you will too!
As our journey continued, we saw Long Island:

With over 90 years of experience from Liberty Jet's key managers alone, they have the expertise to handle even the most complicated travel needs, which is evident in the flawless oversight of the thousands of flights they conduct every year. Even in the event that they do not have an aircraft in our fleet that best meets your demands, they will guide you through the process of selecting an alternate aircraft from a range of pre-screened vendors. They can provide you with multiple quotes on top tier aircraft and give you a straight answering your expectations of your experience.

Here is more of Long Island, above. 
Below, you can see on this device in the cockpit what other planes are around you within a 25 mile radius:

As we continued looping around we saw the tip of Long Island including Sag Harbor and Orient Point, and then we headed towards Connecticut, home state of Peachy.

New Haven looks great from this view:

And here is West Point on the hill:
For a truly bespoke aviation experience, you cannot beat Liberty Jet. 
Unsurpassed Personalized Service is dictated by everyone's commitment to excellence.
Here are Michael Burke and Jamie Calcutt before takeoff:

Next time Peachy's going to bring Mover and Shaker Stephen Attoe
because he is better than her at using the oven, yes there is even an oven and what could be better than eating Swifty's creations on Liberty Jet? Here is the oven below, Stephen! In all seriousness, Jamie is the oven expert and will make anything your little heart desires!
On this flight, Peachy Deegan just had orange juice (See Mayor Koch this is a Jet you'd like! See his answer for favorite drink on his Mover and Shaker interview:
because she was far too absorbed in what was going on around her!

At Liberty Jet, they understand that it is the minute details that make each flight memorable, enjoyable and go smoothly. Whether it is making sure that your favorite bottle of wine is aboard your aircraft or ensuring that your child’s favorite movie is available, Liberty Jet Management is prepared to meet you desired specifications. As a service company catering to the most discerning clientele, their conscientious employees are trained to arrange top tier ancillary services, just as they do with the aircraft they suggest for each trip. Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the concierge is always available to handle and last minute detail from the state-of-the-art flight operations center. The 
retail charter account list has grow significantly over the past three years, which allows them to pass on this built in revenue stream to the jet owners. It also provides stability during difficult economic times, which is why Liberty Jet is growing in the market while others are struggling. You also should know their 
pilots are required to pass simulator training every 6 months. This requirement is far greater than the FAA standard. 
This gives the owners significant cost savings and peace of mind.
Whom You Know highly recommends Private Aviation Travel with Liberty Jet! 

Also, this critique comes from the kid in the family that was so scared of flying she wouldn't get in planes when they were on the ground and only started flying in college, so you know if you are an apprehensive, tentative flyer that you have absolutely nothing to worry about when you are in the care of Liberty Jet.  All good things must come to an end, and we finally reached our destination in Morristown, New Jersey:
And here is what Manhattan looks like from there:
The landing video:
The panel even tracked the flight on this site:
They told Peachy: where it says Private Flight Tracker, enter N856JM in the space provided to the right of Flight/Tail Number. The past few flights of that particular plane will come up. You can click on any one of the flights listed and get all kinds of info about that trip, including altitude and speed, location, minute by minute. There are also two pictures of that plane if you click on Photos in the top right of the page.  So, when you book your flight on Liberty Jet you can have your fan base follow along too!  Peachy Deegan can't wait to tell everyone at Fete de Swifty how fabulous Liberty Jet is!
And of course we love Liberty Jet because they serve Star Vodka aboard; check out Peachy Deegan's favorite commercial:

Stay tuned for President Christian Deputy's Mover and Shaker piece!

Photography and Videography by Peachy Deegan 
All material is property of Whom You Know. Copyright 2010 Whom You Know. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

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