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Friday, October 1, 2010

Whom You Know Celebrates Our 200th Book Review, Highly Recommending Campion Platt's Latest! READ THIS: Made to Order by Campion Platt, Foreword by Jay McInerney

In the projects featured, you’ll find many things that are made to order—one of the most important being the actual process. Rule number one, in my view, is that handcrafting a home of one’s own should be a pleasure, not a chore or something you turn over to “the experts” without comment. That doesn’t mean there won’t be miscues, wrong turns and moments of indecision. But as we all know, a lot of things that seem scary are actually fun—indeed, the scary part is the fun part—and design is no different. And the unexpected discoveries, the creative collaborations, and most of all the chance to put your personal stamp on every room are what make your home your own. Campion Platt 

Just like we say you can't teach someone how to dress, they either have style or they don't- we'd say the same in regards to one's home.  Your Chez Peachy should reflect your outfit and your personality.  And far beyond simply the interior design is the architecture-if the structure is not perfect how can the accents be?  Campion Platt epitomizes the total package-from the architecture to the essential elements of design in: Made To Order.  As his biography says on his website: Campion earned an undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, and a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University.  A member of the American Institute of Architects and the Architectural League of NY, he understands the importance of creating architecture and interiors that meld seamlessly.  

At Whom You Know, we believe in bespoke everything, from chartered flights by Liberty Jet to our steak at Swifty's cooked just the way we like it.  Of course this philosophy is carried over to our home- See Chez Peachy.  In Made To Order, Campion Platt perfectly details how you can individualize your space to make it unique and personal and the pictures to support this are simply amazing.  We have to agree with him: a cookie-cutter decorator is never something we've liked.  A space can have clean lines, great accents and fabulous architecture but if it is not a personal extension of who you are, it really is lacking.   And we agree that things that seem scary are actually fun-and we even show this in our reviews from Trapeze School to Rollerblading Peachy. 

In Made To Order, eighteen projects will delight your aesthetic senses.  We will warn you, don't only look at the photographs however, because if you don't read the text they won't be put in the proper context!  You will be impressed and inspired throughout, and remember, creating your own perfect space is contingent upon your own unique ideas-and it is an evolutionary process we believe.  From upscale perfection to classically comfortable, there is a place for everything.  Sentiment should play a big part.  And the little things matter; we love the fishbowl on page 17.  Nothing is cluttered about on any of these pages: they are immersed in the perfect mix of personality and style; often times when a space is "designed," to us it strips away the character of the person but that is exactly what Campion Platt does not do: he celebrates the person and we are glad for that.  Opulence plus decadence do not equal style, though they can be nice in the proper proportion.  The Chandelier on page 69 is gorgeous.  If you read Whom You Know closely, you'll see Chandelier Peachy; Peachy believes every room deserves a Chandelier.

On pages 30-31 the pool will enrapture you-oooh we love love love pools.

From apartment living to retreats outside of Manhattan, Made To Order addresses life in all kinds of areas, and this is a great book to put away for the holidays for those that love to decorate, especially with their New Year's Resolutions.  Visually progressive, Made To Order is a great book for those interested in design of all kinds, and by that we mean anyone with eyes!  Looking at any page randomly will leave the reader with no question why Campion Platt has such an impressive client list.

Everything about this book matches.  The spine of the book carries over to the accents of the flowers and the pillows on the cover right down to the inside back cover where they also match Campion's shirt in his bio photograph.  We even tried to get the font on this to match but we can't find it in the exact shade; we love the consistency and style.

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Made to Order by Campion Platt!  
We look forward to featuring him as a Mover and Shaker, and he will be joining his wife Tatiana in that column:

Made to Order
Campion Platt
Foreword by Jay McInerney 

Campion Platt’s style is based in his comprehensive approach that includes architecture, interior design, and furniture-making. Above all, Platt’s work is bespoke: every project, at multiple levels, is made to order.

Platt founded his New York–based firm in 1990, and is widely known as a pioneer of boutique hotel design such as Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont Hotel and New York’s Mercer Hotel. His studio now engages in a wide range of projects—apartments and houses, furniture, lighting, textiles, and more—while consistently incorporating craftsmanship, contemporary styling, and eco-sensitive design.

Made to Order, Platt’s first monograph, is a broad representation of the firm’s projects within the last twenty years, accompanied by original drawings, brief personal essays, and lively project descriptions. In addition, the volume provides tips and ideas to help people practice the “Platt approach” on their own. 

Projects featured include an 1857 sea captain’s house; a show house in Harlem, New York, where Jay-Z filmed a music video; a loft in Astor Place; and a writer’s retreat for novelist Jay McInerney. Eighteen projects in total reveal Platt’s creative process and explain the inspiration from which each space’s theme is derived, giving readers a privileged inside view of how a world-class designer weaves his spell. 

Much in demand the world over, Platt’s client roster includes Al Pacino, Meg Ryan, Roger Waters, Conan O’Brien, Russell Simmons, and Anne Hearst. 
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About the Authors:

Campion Platt is principal of the award-winning New York interior design firm of the same name, founded in 1990, that has become a leader in boutique hotel design and is renowned for its highly customized interiors. Architectural Digest has named him to its AD100 list of top designers, and New York magazine pronounced him one of “The City’s Best Architects and Decorators.” His work is featured regularly in Elle Décor, Esquire, Gotham, Travel + Leisure, Wallpaper, and other leading design magazines. 

Jay McInerney is the author of Bright Lights, Big City and, most recently, How It Ended. 

Made to Order
Campion Platt
Foreword by Jay McInerney
232 pages, 9 x 11 inches
200 color illustrations
$50 hardcover ($60 Canada)
ISBN 978-1-58093-280-6
On Sale: October 12, 2010 

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