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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Champagne Wishes: 2009 BOUQUET® WHITE DESSERT WINE by The North Fork of Long Island, New York Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!


Peachy Deegan is quite the expert on was the official unveiling of Peachy Deegan the drink at Swifty's.  In our nearly 200 posts we have not found a dessert wine we liked enough to write about until this lovely little number from of all places, Long Island, New York.
You know Peachy Deegan is super patriotic and we are always thrilled when we find superior American products such as this.  After a gorgeous meal, what could be better than dessert and a perfect wine to go with it?  This 2009 Bouquet White just dances on your lips and is bright and upbeat without being sickeningly sweet like many dessert wines.  It leaves an inviting tangy aftertaste that will leave you longing for that second glass.  The complex fruity aroma is presented in true clarity, quality, and excellence that is New York.  Of course, Peachy Deegan loves it best with anything chocolate, but it pairs well with pie too as it has a lovely fruity nature.  We even think it has hints of PEACH, HOW PEACHY!
Whom You Know Highly Recommends the 2009 Bouquet White by The North Fork of Long Island.

The North Fork of Long Island, New York

Intense and gorgeously balanced, Bouquet  seduces with every sip. This Vin Doux Naturel is a blend of Chardonnay (85%) and Gewurztraminer (15%).

Tasting Notes
An exotic expression of orange, ginger, lychee and rose scents. Vivid fruit creates a beautiful counterpoint to the wine’s crisp acidity and medium-high alcohol. Pleasantly sweet, soft, light-bodied, lingering in perfume and mellow in taste.

Winegrowing Notes
The 2009 growing season was cool and rainy, and harvest was a few weeks later than usual, affecting brix and acidity levels, enhancing the grapes’ aromatics.

Winemaking Notes
During fermentation, yeasts transform the grape’s sugar into alcohol, CO2 gas and heat. To capture and save some of the grape’s sugar from fermenting, the must (a mixture of grape juice, stems, grape skins seeds and pulp) is fortified with grape spirit.  The remaining unfermented sugar is called residual sugar (RS).

Alc: 17%. pH: 3.45. TA: 4.58.  RS: 50 g/L.

Serving Suggestions
Serve as the finale to a beautiful meal, on its own or accompanied by biscotti, madeleines, nougatine, petits fours or other miniature desserts. Or, try it with foie gras for savory contrast.

Suggested Retail Price: $36.99/375 ml.

Release Date
May 2010. Drink now to 2014.

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