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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Festive makeup from a gilded era of style! Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Holiday Collection by Clarins and Peachy Deegan has been Sparkling in it!

Whom You Know absolutely LOVES Clarins and they were one of the first cosmetic brands we covered.  As we close in on our 1,000th Product Alert post, we are pleased to present their full holiday collection!  Clarins 2010 Holiday Barocco Collection is inspired by the dramatic, daring and sensual style of the baroque period. From luxurious draperies to rich golds - this historical time was one of excess, glamour and mystery. The new collection from Clarins introduces four limited edition pieces that celebrate every woman and her unique beauty.   The whole collection makes a lovely gift for both you to keep and for you to give away...once you have one yourself of course!
Barocco Face PaletteA soft, light compact powder with a scroll motif in peachy-pink and sandy-beige. The combination of the two shades is perfect for illuminating the face or adding matte touches to the complexion.

Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for Face and DécolletéAn elegant black and gold powder box holds little nuggets dusted with golden pearl. With a sweep of the puff, they release a fine powder to beautifully enhance the skin with sparkling reflections.
 You know that the Manhattan social scene is in full swing right now, and everybody who is anybody is drinking The Peachy Deegan at Swifty's.  
Wherever you are going, you want to look your best! 
Presumably you have lost your tan and it's too early for Resort Season, so Clarins put on their thinking cap and came out with a brand new fabulous limited edition gold shimmer powder that will brighten you up and make you the shining star of any party!
Do not worry, this product is "Upper East Side" as opposed to Jersey is elegant right down to the stunning powder puff.  In over 900 posts we don't think we've ever been excited about a powder puff before. 
A powder formed into gold-dusted nuggets presented in an elegant black cylinder, decorated with a black scroll. Embellished with a beautiful tassel. The delicate powder nuggets are nestled in with an elegant black powder puff.  
This makes a gorgeous gift as well for every woman that wants to sparkle!
Whom You Know Highly Recommends the Gold Shimmer Powder for Face and Decollete by Clarins.

 Barocco Eye Colour Trio:  A trio of shades that create the perfect smoky eye for day and night with these ultra-fine textures that can be combined, layered or blended together for perfect holiday makeup. Create a wash of bronze to enhance the eyes, black to define the eyelids and gold to catch the light and brighten the inner corners.  
A palette of three eye shadows presented in a black rectangular case with a glossy white gold lid decorated with a black scroll will be the envy of every other eyeshadow in your cosmetic collection!  By Clarins, this eye trio boasts shadow that glides on with ease and makes your eyes shine with festive cheer and class at every cocktail party this season.   The case holds a large mirror and double applicator for precise make-up application. Three festive shades to light up your eyes include:
An elegant, black matte to emphasize and intensify
A subtle captivating "duo" - black and gold mixed together for an instant smoky bronze effect.
A radiant pearly gold to give eyes touches of light.
Be Gorgeous with Clarins and Peachy!  Whom You Know Recommends the Eye Color Trio!  Not only does it deserve a top spot in your collection, but this Limited Edition product makes an excellent gift for everyone that should shine in your life!
Barocco Rouge ProdigeThe purple velvet drapes of the Baroque period are the inspiration for the colour of this lipstick. The rich formula combines long-hold colour, extreme shine and total comfort  

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