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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Drank The Peachy Deegan: Robert Caravaggi

Robert Caravaggi is the inventor and creator of The Peachy Deegan.  
Of course it was Peachy Deegan's idea to have Star Vodka at Swifty's, because what could be more perfect, and when Robert Caravaggi drank Star Vodka he thought it was just peachy.  So, Star Vodka really did get peachy literally, and it also got limey and it found its home in a champagne glass at 1007 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.  
And, a half moon sliver of lime sits suavely on the rim of the glass with its pinkie out.
Pure perfection, Robert looks pleased.  
And you can bet he drank The Peachy Deegan.

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