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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

READ THIS: 501 Must-See Movies Published by the Thunder Bay Press

It is getting colder in Manhattan and that means more time inside snuggled up with Paul Newman popcorn and a pile of your favorite movies!  But have you seen all of the classics? Peachy Deegan is the kind of girl that has watched thousands of hockey games but probably not enough movies, so this was enlightening for her.  Of course we absolutely adore Breakfast at Tiffany's and must commend Thunder Bay for making sure Holly is on the cover!  

Grouped by genre, 501 Must-see Movies is absolutely the thing to peruse right now so you can have your game plan in place for your movie watching this winter!  We like how in the front and back covers, all 501 movies are listed with a checklist to see what you have seen...and every synopsis is short and sweet telling you just enough about the flick for you to determine whether it should make your "must watch" list.

Whom You Know recommends 501 Must-See movies!  Be sure to pick one up as a gift too, either for the movie buff or the one that needs to be enlightened!  Dust off your silverscreen...

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