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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brave the Cold: Star Vodka Now Comes with its Own Stylish Winter Coat!

Star Vodka keeps us all warm and happy, in moderation, and it's time to return the favor to the lovely bottle.  
Brave the Cold predominantly features warm items to wear for people, but we are expanding our horizons today!  Of all of the alcohol brands we've ever featured, leave it to Star Vodka to have come up with a fashion statement this holiday season...presenting Star Vodka in its new winter coat, shown above.  You know of course the best place to buy it is on Shop with Peachy!  And remember to enter the code: Be a Star for the discount!  Mover and Shaker Charles Ferri says: "It would be cruel not to have a coat on every bottle of Star Vodka this winter" and we could not agree more.  For a limited time only, Star Vodka will come with its coat; order here!

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