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Thursday, December 30, 2010

High Shine Eyecolor by Bare Escentuals Suggested by Mover and Shaker Renee Smith Recommended by Peachy Deegan to Ring in Your New Year Right!

You know when Peachy Deegan hears the word "moonshine" she thinks of a fabulous homemade drink in Ireland made with peat...but now she is also thinking of Mover and Shaker Renee Smith's suggestion of a new eyecolor!  We love love love our Movers and Shakers and Renee is so smart to pay attention - you remember we loved the Queen Phyllis eyeshadow by Bare Escentuals and this is similar and even easier to apply-just a turn of the cap and a swipe of the wand over your eyelid-you will be left fabulous and ready for New Year's Eve!  it is shimmery and classy-not Jersey Shore.  It's as smooth as Star Vodka, but not something you want to ingest internally.  So easy, you can even apply with one glass of champagne in the other hand....

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