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Friday, December 3, 2010

NIGHTLIGHT: Damien and Nicole Woody Host a Successful Benefit at The Pierre; "Ever to Excel," Damien!

This week, Damien and Nicole Woody, pictured above, hosted a benefit at The you know he is a star on the offensive line of the New York Jets.  But remember it's not who you know, it's Whom you Know and remember we are maroon and gold for a reason: Damien is one of the great examples of Boston College graduates doing wonderful things in this world outside of his professional accomplishments which do include two superbowls.  But behind his gridiron intensity, Damien is a devoted husband to his high school sweetheart and a dedicated father of six children and cherishes them as the most important aspect of his life. A true family man, Damien sees them as the backbone to his success on and off the field and believes that his success in football is a gift that he uses to be able to give back. Damien’s foundation, Woody’s Kids is an organization dedicated to helping families with ill children and his generosity has no boundaries. He also goes above and beyond to help other foundations and organizations such as the Rosemary Hockney Foundation, where Damien donated tickets and two all-expense paid trips to Disney World. Damien has also presented more than 4,500 cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soup to the Greater Boston Food Bank as part of Chunky’s Tackling Hunger Program. Woody regularly visits hospitals and also does coat drives during the holiday season to help the needy.
Giving back is a huge part of Damien’s life, however, knowing that there is life after football, is equally important to Damien and being well versed in the entertainment industry will help him achieve his goals of being a commentator when his playing days are over. The Jets have named Damien as “the most accessible” and the “most likeable” by New York media, which is an outstanding reputation to have.  We'd argue the most likeable aspect is a quality of most Boston College football players as well; where do you think Peachy Deegan started interviewing people?  With a passion for radio and broadcasting, this media sensation will have no problem transferring from the gridiron into a studio. From the set of ESPN’s “Rome is Burning” to the radio waves of Sporting News Radio and onto pages of Sports Illustrated Magazine its no surprise that Damien has graced some of the most recognized media outlets in the country. Damien is a fixture at many red carpet events, including the ESPY Awards as well as the NAACP Image Awards and enjoys the opportunity to be at these media driven galas, where he can showcase his expertise. It’s no wonder that this athletic powerhouse will one day be on the television screen.  Damien Woody embodies the essence of a true quality athlete. One of the best players in the league, this generous and loyal husband and father, has gone above and beyond his call of duty. A versatile prodigy on and off the field, Damien encompasses what all professional athletes should strive to be.  AND,  we are pleased to say he has verbally committed to be a Mover and Shaker and we believe he could be the most eloquent yet as he had Dr. Pick for Public Speaking, and guess who was the Teaching Assistant...

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