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Monday, December 6, 2010

Terrific Takeout: Serafina!

You know we love Serafina and everyone we've met in their organization has been profiled as a Mover and Shaker, from Fabio and Vittorio to Caroline to Florian...and as we have inaugurated our Terrific Takeout column, we knew Pizza would be a main attraction!  Serafina has one of the best if not the very best gourmet pizza in this city.  
Their box says: Fabulous Pizza, as you can see above.
Saying Serafina has Fabulous Pizza is like saying:
Harry Winston has Fabulous Diamonds
Corvettes have Fabulous Acceleration
Ellen Christine has Fabulous Hats
Star Vodka has Fabulous Vodka
You get our point.

We ordered the #56 Regina Margherita which has imported Italian fior di latte mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil and when they say on the menu it's a dream, they aren't kidding.  This is a classic example of less is more, and this is authentic pizza.  It's not greasy, saying it's fresh is an understatement, and it is softer than your pillow.  The ingredients are the most flavorful you'd imagine and this is what you should be having for dinner.

With takeout, you are concerned with quality of food, speed of service, and options available.  We knew the sit-down food at Serafina was top-notch, and we can affirm that the quality of the takeout is just as good.  This is not true of all Manhattan restaurants, and it is one major reason why we have a separate takeout column.

The speed of service for Serafina was the speediest: in only fifteen minutes the 79th and Madison location completed Peachy's order.  In addition to the aforementioned pizza, she ordered the #16 Insalatina di Portofino, pictured below, which boasted unbelieveably fresh succulent shrimp, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, cannelline and basil, served warm.  The extraordinary combination is typical of the high-end creativity of Serafina and this salad could not have been better.  A lovely olive oil dressing danced along the superior components of this dish in just the right amount.  99% of the time we ask for our dressing on the side but not at Serafina because they know what they are doing.
In addition to excellent food, speedy service and an amazing array of options, Serafina really has a great website as well.  Usually we don't comment on the websites but when you are ordering in, that is your menu!  From location to location, everything under the Serafina umbrella is carefully detailed from lunch, dinner, dessert, children's and delivery.
Whom You Know highly recommends Serafina for takeout!

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