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Monday, January 3, 2011

Peachy's Pantry: Terra Medi Balsamic Vinegar Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! TRIO OF TERRA MEDI VINEGARS DRESS THE PERFECT SALAD Traditional Greek Methods Used to Create Red, White and Balsamico Vinegars

Our panel absolutely loved the Terra Medi Balsamic Vinegar, and they rave:

It is totally understandable that Terra Medi, who make the most delicious olive oils, would also have a line of delectable vinegars. A favorite of many is Balsamic vinegar and those aficionados would be hard pressed to find a better one then Terra Medi Balsamico. A product of Greece, Terra Medi harvests the Corinthian Grape that is native there. This balsamic is perfectly smooth yet robust enough to stand amongst the best in its class. Not thick or as sticky made this more appealing to me. It perfectly coated my greens yet added to the natural flavor of the vegetables without super dominating it. I could not help but reach for some bread to soak up every last drop. Of course after taste the most important is the look of the bottle as presentation always matters. The bottle is sleek and the graphics are fresh and contemporary adding to the flair. This is a Balsamic not to be passed up.

This was definitely my favorite, of all the Terra Medi vinegars.  I love balsamic vinegar and have used several...even settling on a favorite.  But, now the title has been turned over to Terra Medi.  The broad scope of flavors in this vinegar surprised this seasoned balsamic junkie.  We used it in combination with Terra Medi's sesame oil and olive oil.  First, we tried our combinations as salad dressings.  Then we experimented with adding different herbs.  Thyme, oregano, and sage paired nicely with the balsamic and sesame.  We also reduced the balsamic to a gorgeous thick sauce, and drizzled it over freshly grilled salmon.  I am hooked on this balsamic, and a bottle is going to all the foodies on my gift-giving list.  

I love, love, love balsamic vinegar! It is a staple in my kitchen. I found the Terra Medi balsamic vinegar to be very light and definitely best for everyday use. It works perfectly for a salad, because the favor is more subtle than some of the more concentrated balsamics out there. I also use balsamic for a strawberry desert I make, and this balsamic worked well for the desert as well. I liked how the flavor was subtle. The bottle is sleek and the label is simple. You could definitely leave this out on the counter and be comfortable with the sleek look of the brand. I would definitely recommend Terra Medi Balsamic vinegar to anyone who wants to use balsamic vinegar everyday and doesn't want to be over powered by the flavor.  

My most favorite salad dressing is a homemade mixture of terra medi balsamico vinegar and their extra virgin olive oil.  I recently experimented with that company's extra virgin sesame oil as a refreshing alternative to the EVOO, a winner either way.  The balsimico vinegar is made from the tasty Corinthian grape, aslo used in other products from terra medi.  The vinegar is produced by the all natural fermentation process of the grapes "must,"  the freshly press juice that contains the skin, seeds and even the stem of the fruit.   This process has been used for ages and the result is one of the smoothest tasting vinegars I have ever tasted.  I recently made a bruchetta with the balsamic vinegar, a touch of EVOO, chopped tomatoes, garlic and basil.  Spread over a fresh baguette, my guests were in heaven, several asking for the recipe.  I made sure to tell them that terra medi vinegars and EVOO are the real secret to the great taste, try some soon.


Complementing its widely popular line of premium Greek extra virgin olive oils, Terra Medi presents three essential matches – Red, White and Balsamico Vinegar -- crafted in Greece.  The vinegars and Terra Medi’s complete line of gourmet food products will be on display at the 2007 Summer NASFT Fancy Food Show in New York City (booth number 5421).

Terra Medi’s robust, yet smooth-tasting Red, White and Balsamico Vinegar are derived from plump, flavorful Corinthian grapes, native to Greece, and raisins that grow in abundance along the sunny hills of the southern Peloponnesian peninsula.  The grape’s must is extracted and fermented according to artisanal methods originating and practiced for centuries in Greece’s monasteries. Terra Medi’s vinegars are authentically pure with no additives or colors. 

“We’re delighted to offer consumers three high quality Greek vinegars to enjoy alone, or paired with our extra virgin olive oils for refreshing summer salads, delicious marinades for grilling, and other dishes that call for a splash of tang and zest,” says Apostolos Paralikas, President of Greek Farms International, LLC.

While olive oil reigns supreme in the Greek kitchen, well-made, all-natural vinegar holds a prominent place in many beloved Mediterranean dishes, including all types of garden fresh salads – particularly salads with cucumbers – grilled octopus, lentil soup, and a wide variety of stews prepared with beef and vegetables.  Terra Medi’s vinegars honor Greece’s rich culinary tradition, while providing consumers with exceptional fundamental ingredients to create dishes from any type of cuisine.

Terra Medi’s Red, White and Balsamico Vinegar are offered in beautifully designed, 17 fluid ounce tall glass bottles, featuring the brand’s elegant and widely recognized label of three stylized olives.  Available nationwide now at select supermarket, gourmet and specialty food stores, the Balsamico Vinegar is $9.99 suggested retail, and the Red and White Vinegars are $6.99 each suggested retail. 

            Established in 2001, Terra Medi of Greek Farms International, LLC is a fast-growing line of premium food products made in Greece, including new for 2007 extra virgin sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, vinegars, olives, bruschettas and olivades.  Founder Apostolos Paralikas -- who holds a master’s degree in horticulture, and grew up working in his family’s olive groves in Greece – and his partners, are passionate in their mission to share the rich bounty and sophistication of authentic Greek foods with American chefs and home cooks and aficionados of gourmet food.

            For more information, consumers are welcomed to visit the company’s web site,  

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