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Monday, January 3, 2011

READ THIS: The Field Guide to Polar Animals By Nancy Honovich

Brr! Bundle up, kids, you're about to depart on an incredible, icy expedition in The Field Guide to Polar Animals. In this clever book, kids will discover the 1920s journal of a fictional zoologist who traveled to the subarctic region and Antarctica.  When we think of animals at Whom You Know we think of our friends Blaine and Betsy and the great work they do for FOAR (Friends of Animal Rescue) and we bet when they were kids they would have liked this book.  The journal is filled with observations about the animals he encounters on his journey to the ends of the earth. From polar bears to penguins, kids will learn all about wildlife in the planet's most extreme environments. Detailed illustrations, maps, photographs, and handwritten diary excerpts make readers feel as if they're part of the expedition. Kids can also create a 3-D polar scene with a full-color diorama and eight easy-to-assemble polar animals that come with the book. Very cool and we just loved it.
  • Eye-catching! Designed in the style of an antique journal with an embossed cover, beautiful spreads showcasing color photos, illustrations, maps and fun build-it-yourself elements
  • Features 59 color die-cut pieces to build 8 polar animals, and a 3-D arctic scene for kids to assemble and display
The Petite Peachy Panel bundled up, and they say:

Such a cool book (literally since it takes place in the Arctic Circle and Antarctica)!  Told in the first person by a fictional zoologist, the reader is taken on an exciting journey.  The pages of this fictional "journal" from the 1920s are filled with notes of firsthand encounters with various polar animals (polar bears, caribou and penguins to name a few), diagrams, maps and factual information.  What a fun way to learn about wildlife in the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.  This book makes the information come to life and is very engaging!  Another plus is the eight build-it-yourself polar animals included making it fun for any child, but also very educational (especially for kinesthetic learners!)!  The removable diorama is fantastic and encourages creativity and pretend play, very beneficial for any child!

The Field Guide to Polar Animals is an introduction to the nature of the Arctic regions for both the young of age and the young at heart.  Each page results in questions like, "what language is Ursus Maritimus?"  and "eeww...they eat dead things?"  While the book keeps kids engaged in all of the gory details, the factual learning basis for the animals presented in this well planned book are impressive.  Each animal is presented with inserts and directions for constructing the child's own model.  Both an enjoyable and practical lesson for our children, these reproductions further underscore the baseline intent of this lovely book.  Learning and natural science are enjoyable.  So many "educational" children's books are laborsome and tiring for the already exhausted parent, but the technical diagrams coupled with the distinct animation makes this book a joy for both the parent and child when bedtime is looming.  What better gift to give than a book that inspires both parent and child?

Interactive Childrens books are really the wave of the future. With all the competition of electronics, video games and the internet, reading books needs to evolve a bit. Silver Dolphin Books has done a fabulous job of this especially with The Field Guide to Polar Animals. Both educational and interactive, this book will please both girls and boys. Recommended for children ages 8 and up which I agree with. This book includes 50 pieces to put together to create 8 different polar animals. On top of that it offers a removable cardboard stage/diorama to act out and display and play with your animals. Another important aspect is the length of what you are reading. Each section or segment is just the right length to keep children interested without over doing it. Maps show where each animal dwells illustrations range from anatomy to dining style. Another wonderful cross-over book filled with great facts and hands on learning!

The Field Guide to Polar Animals

Author: Nancy Honovich
ISBN 13: 978-1-60710-021-8 
Format: Paper Over Board--Unjacketed HC
Pages: 36 pp.
Trim: 8.75 x 10.25
Art: Full Color
Category: Animals
Age Range: 8 and up

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