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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Petite Peachy Panel Recommends the HEXBUG! We Never Knew An Insect Would Be So Entertaining!

Turn off the lights and turn on the fun! This February at the New York International Toy Fair, Innovation First, creator of the popular HEXBUG® Micro Robotic Creatures, shed light on its expanding universe of Glow-in-the-Dark products for the 25,000 attendees ready to channel their inner child and be amazed by the new toy innovations of 2011.

Unlike any other toy on the market, HEXBUG combines science and technology with kids’ innate love for bugs.  Designed to foster children’s creativity, develop fine-motor skills, and fuel hours of imaginative playtime, Glow-in-the-Dark HEXBUG Nano bugs and Habitat Sets are flying off the shelves of specialty retailers and toy shops nationwide.  There is more to the HEXBUG Nano than meets the eye.  Pop the top of a Nano test tube to gain access to the unique code that enables kids and families to register and keep track of their collection at online.  The website is designed to engage kids with fun facts about real scientists and their discoveries, and to stimulate minds in increasingly difficult levels of game play.

The Petite Peachy Panel put the HEXBUG to the test, and they say: 

The Hexbug Nano is a perfect toy for a kid or any kid at heart!  This tiny toy, shaped like a colorful little bug, scurries around the room and changes direction at random when switched on.  It can even flip itself over if it is placed on the ground up-side-down!  You'll never know where it will end up next as it darts every which way and circles around the room.  You can even register your Hexbug Nano online and play fun and educational science games.  The site will put your logic skills to the test in various puzzles, and your IQ will be measured in a quiz about the great scientists of the past.  This makes it a great gift for a young scientist!  For hours of fun both in your living room and in cyberspace, pick up a Hexbug Nano!

The Hexbug Nano is, in one word...awesome!  My three year old son went crazy over this toy (and so did his dad and his papa and so on...)!  The Hexbug Nano, or the "cute little bug" as my son calls it, is only 1.75 inches long and weighs .25 ounces.  I have to admit, it really is kinda cute for a bug.  With a tiny motor and twelve fixed legs, the Hexbug Nano uses the physics of vibration to move around and explore its surroundings.  Each Hexbug Nano is assigned a serial number and point value system that can be used to register them online, play games and do other fun things.  You wouldn't think it would be entertaining to set up some obstacles (books, coasters, Legos) on a coffee table and then set the little guy free, but it whiled away the hours in our house, that's for sure!  Hearing my son laugh so hard that no sound came out while watching the Hexbug do its thing made me love a bug for the first (and last) time in my life.  Get yourself one and you will see exactly what I mean!

Always, wanted your own robot? Now you can with the world’s smartest robot bug, the Hexbug Nano. This will blow your mind and make you smile over and over again. This micro-robotic mini android is not just for nerds. The nano is battery powered and moves on its 12 little legs which also it scurry around all over the place. But as I said, this is a smart bug. It can maneuver through excruciatingly difficult mazes on its own. If it flips on its back, never fear, it can flip itself right back over. Team it up with the Hexbug Started kit and you can create the ultimate play environment for your little guy to cruise around. Want to take it to an even greater level. Go online and enter in its personal serial number to explore scientific experiments, play games and buy accessories. Addicted already, intrigued? These frisky nano bugs have friends from inchworms to crabs to ants and more. Collect them all and be truly amazed.

The Hexbug Nano has become all the rage at our house.  This cute little gadget zips around the house, bumping into walls, flipping upside down, and nothing slows it down.  The kids especially loved that it's just the same size as a cockroach, and they were able to trick their grandmother with it on their last (maybe truly last) visit.  An added bonus is the unique code included with each Nano.  It enables you to play the HexBug Hand and Stars gave online.  Of course, the video game was way over my head, but I'm sure my 6 an 7-year old's will have it mastered in a day or two.  Starting at $9.99 each, the HexBug Nano is great gift for any little ones (over 3) on your list.

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