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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

READ THIS: Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique By Jane O'Connor Illustrated by MOVER AND SHAKER Robin Preiss Glasser

Robin as a Mover and Shaker:


As a teacher, I always have girls asking when I'm going to bring in new Fancy Nancy books.  In the last year, I've never had more requests over a series of books than Fancy Nancy.  When I saw Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique, I knew my girls would be excited.  There is nothing greater to me than when my students show a love of reading.  Of course, I read through the book before bringing it to school.  This has to be my favorite Fancy Nancy book yet!  I remember putting on fashion shows when I was younger.  I knew this would be a great hit with the girls in my room.  After they read through this book, they came up to me and wanted to know if they could put on a fashion show like Fancy Nancy.  After they asked that, I had an idea.  With it being February and Valentine's Day is a holiday that many students want to trade chocolates with each other, I thought about having a girls only Valentine's Day lunch/fashion show.  It was a huge hit!  I can't say this enough-Fancy Nancy does a wonderful job at getting students to read.  I love it!

What a darling book!  As with all Fancy Nancy books, it is lovely from start to finish.  In "Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique", Nancy decides to hold a yard sale (her "Fabulous Fashion Boutique") to raise money to buy a fancy lace fan she has been eyeing.  Her boutique is quite a success, but there is one problem.  Nancy sold a fancy necklace that her little sister really wanted.  Nancy devises a plan to get the necklace back for her little sister for her birthday (she succeeds, of course).  Nancy then comes to the rescue when rain threatens to hamper her sister's birthday party...she helps the children put on a fashion show!  This is such a sweet and imaginative.  I love the focus on family, especially the relationship of the sisters!  As always, the use of more sophisticated vocabulary is music to a mother's is wonderful to introduce young children to more complex words.  My three year old and I had a grand time reading this together!

Any parent who has a daughter knows that girls love fashion. Dressing up dolls, dressing up themselves and getting fancied up. so your daughter will just love Fancy Nancy Fab Fashion Boutique. It seems that not a day goes by that Fancy Nancy does not have a great idea. Especially ones you can then do with your child. Not only does she have great ideas, but there are lessons to be learned as well. So when Fancy Nancy opens a consignment type boutique, you will not believe the creations she comes up with. A Great read for a wide range of ages, and another winner for your child's library.


Grand opening!
Welcome to Fancy Nancy's Fabulous Fashion Boutique! Here you can find the fanciest almost-new outfits, accessories, jewelry, and lots more. There's even a necklace with real rhinestones for sale. Ooh la la!
The fashion boutique is a huge success, but it's also Nancy's little sister's birthday. And when it starts to rain, her birthday party might be ruined! Nancy knows she has to come up with an idea—a brilliant one—and fast.
In this très chic story from bestselling duo Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, Nancy shows once again that sometimes all you need is a little improvising to turn a fiasco into something fancy.

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