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Monday, March 28, 2011

SPORTY PEACHY GOLF EXCLUSIVE: Bionic® Gloves Performance Series® Most sophisticated golf glove ever designed - Highly Recommended by The Women's Peachy on the Links Panel

If you know Peachy, you know she has been golfing for decades.
Mr. Murphy at the Farmington Country Club has given her pointers along the years and he is our favorite golfer around.  She's always looking for products that will give her an edge, however, so we decided to try the Bionic Glove.  We were highly impressed, and you know we are a bastion of Preppyness at Whom You Know, so the women golfers comment:

As the temperature starts to rise and Spring begins to make a move all I can think about is playing golf. So when my new bionic women’s golf glove arrived I put it on proudly and got out my clubs. I love its stylish and sporty looks. It has great cobalt blue outline of the fingers and black knuckle spots. It fit perfectly. Taut but not tight and it felt immediately broken in. Its flexibility was amazing for a first time fit. The fingers felt reinforced as well for a great grip. This gets me right in the mood for 18!

The Bionic golf glove is the first glove that I have actually wanted to wear.  Usually, golf gloves feel too tight and restrictive to me.  I would actually rather take the blisters.  But the Bionic glove is the perfect solution.  It has the high quality of a leather glove, but it gives in all the right places.  The "flexion" zones truly do reflect the shape and natural bending points of the human hand.  As a result, I have an excellent grip, protection for my hand, and the flexibility and breathability I could never find before.  The Bionic golf glove is a must have for every golfer's bag.
As an enthusiastic, ever improving golfer, I am always looking for the next best thing to help.  I have gone through a few gloves to help my grip but with petite hands I have had trouble. I have found my new glove!  The Bionic glove is fantastic!  The sizing is true to form and the fit fabulous!  Loved the feel of the glove, you can tell the leather is good quality.  I do feel that my practice this Spring shows improvement.  I can't wait for all the snow to be gone and to hit the links with my Bionic glove!

The Bionic Performance glove is the most feature-rich glove ever made, taking golf-glove design to a new level.  Yet it retains the benefits of all Bionic Gloves – namely, the company’s signature patented pad system.  And it conforms with USGA rules. 

It took more than three years of design and testing to get the Bionic Performance glove ready for market.  “This glove is a mirror image of the natural three-dimensional shape of the hand,” says Jim Kleinert, M.D., an orthopedic hand specialist who heads R&D for Bionic.  Dr. Kleinert points out that each Performance glove has 44 unique anatomical features. 

Here are just some of the highlights:

The first is called the triple-row finger-grip patented pad system.  Each finger has three multilayered zones on the palm side made of terrycloth and leather.  These raised areas serve two purposes.  First, they absorb moisture, so they’re like having 15 mini-towels constantly soaking up sweat.  Secondly, they help the glove conform to the natural shape of the hand for a more comfortable and relaxed grip, which is beneficial for all golfers. The patented pad system provides the additional benefit of enhancing durability, so the glove lasts longer.

Another primary feature is the elongated surround flexion zones. The flexion  zones are where the natural creases occur in the finger and palm.  The Bionic Performance Series removes leather in the flexion zone and replaces it with Lycra®, which stretches, retracts and breathes.  The flexion zone wraps 180 degrees around the finger to minimize bunching of leather, which occurs when the hand is flexed inward to hold a golf club.  What are the benefits?  Enhanced comfort and feel, greater flexibility and a cool, dry hand – all of which promote a lighter grip, which is one of the keys to a great round of golf.

The mid-axis longitudinal seam placement is another unique facet of this golf glove.  On a standard glove, the seam creates resistance when closing the hand.  But on the Performance glove, the seam has been moved so that it no longer impedes glove closure when gripping the club.  This helps fight hand fatigue, and, when playing 18 holes of golf, hands experience more fatigue than most golfers realize. 

Lycra is also used strategically throughout the glove to create ventilation.  It’s like having 26 windows to keep the hand cool and comfortable.

Bionic worked with numerous PGA of America teaching professionals while testing the glove and here’s what some of them said about the Performance’s performance:

“This glove gave me better feel and connection with the club with zero restriction.”
– Barry Bonifield, Crescent Hill GC

“The Performance has that broken-in feel the minute it goes on your hand.  It’s the only glove that is tournament-ready straight out of the package.” – Keith Ohr, Wildwood CC

“It conforms so well to the shape of your hand that it feels like you dipped your hand in latex.” – Ron Snider, Persimmon Ridge GC

The Performance glove is designed to appeal to the vast majority of golfers, making it the most mainstream glove ever from Bionic.  It is currently available and carries a retail price of $29.95.

For more than a decade, Bionic has been at the forefront of glove technology in many sports – baseball, hockey, fitness (weight lifting), tennis, racquetball, equestrian events and others.  The first Bionic golf glove – the Classic – was introduced in 2005.  Other models are the Bionic Pro (an ultrathin, tight-fitting glove designed for low-handicappers) and the Bionic Silver Series (designed for arthritic relief). 

Bionic is a division of the family-owned Hillerich & Bradsby, Co., based in Louisville, Ky.  Other H&B divisions include PowerBilt, makers of golf clubs since 1916, and Louisville Slugger, the most famous brand of baseball and softball bats and equipment in the world.  

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