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Friday, April 22, 2011

NIGHTLIGHT: The National Arts Club and Mover and Shaker Chrishaunda Lee, National Arts Club Fashion Committee Chair, Presented Women's Wear Daily With A "Century Celebration" Thursday, April 21, 7-9PM A RESOUNDING SUCCESS BRAVO CHRISHAUNDA

Edward Nardoza and Chrishaunda Lee

It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and Mover and Shaker Chrishaunda Lee knows that from the same source that Peachy Deegan does: Mover and Shaker Rennie McQuilkin!

They were in the same English class that you have been hearing about for ages now.  Chrishaunda was a wonderful speaker last night and we knew she would be because we remember the days when we were required to memorize and recite Hamlet and Canterbury tales...and we must say it is far more enjoyable to hear her speak about fashion!  We totally agree it is an art form...We have covered nearly 300 events in NIGHTLIGHT since the inception of Whom You Know, and we are most touched by the events when we see people like Chrishaunda whom we've known for more than 20 years. Representing the National Arts Club, Chrishaunda honored Women's Wear Daily Editor In Chief, Edward Nardoza to celebrate one hundred years of service given to the fashion industry by fashion trade publication standard, Women's Wear Daily.   The cocktail party and reception included a historical overview of WWD and a presentation of the Fashion Committee's Citation of Merit, and were followed by remarks in acceptance by Nardoza.

Founded by Edmund Fairchild, of the widely recognized Fairchild Publications, Women's Wear Daily became famous for writing about and highlighting the talents of many of the industry's fashion greats and those soon to be. WWD had an edge that put it in a class of its own when its readers began learning about the social scene of designers, as well as their highly followed collections. Launching columns like "Scoop" and "Suzy" by Aileen Mehle, a catchy paragraph initially dedicated to celebrity and aristocracy as they related to fashion, WWD became more than a trade publication where buyers could find the best of what the industry had to offer, it gave its audience a real front row as an insider to the industry. Keeping product diversity alive, WWD also gave focus to accessories and fragrances all the same. Not a wonder why the industry has dubbed it the "bible of fashion".
Chrishaunda Lee, Sarah Cichon, Peachy Deegan

P.S. Next time we think it would be even more fashionable to serve 
The Peachy Deegan made with All-American luxury label Star Vodka!!!


The mission of the National Arts Club Fashion Committee is to help educate, enlighten, celebrate, and spread a good word about this fantastic art form we call fashion.

The National Arts Club is comprised of nearly twenty committees, ranging from Culinary Arts to Architecture. Fashion, although can be seen as the most non-useful and more frivolous of the bunch, can, however, find itself crossing paths in a practical manner with each of the whole. For example, fashion photography has become quite important in the world of still imagery, documentaries and films are dedicated to and depict fashion, there are buildings designed specifically to house a certain collection, museums built devoted to fashion, novels written for the sake of fashion, fashionable drinks and music that dedicate many verses to a said designer or style, there are balls and dance parties produced, all with anticipation of what people are wearing. Shakespeare would mean so much less without the costumes, and oh, the fabric! Red carpets for awards ceremonies and the like have all become a new kind of runway for actors and other industry types. There is even a way the fashion crowd "eats", or nibbles as an associate calls it- (I along with some of my friends and others are an exception to this rule). Whether you are considered in fashion or past season, from uniform wearers to exhibitionists, you are still a part of this realm of art where everyday we all figure out how to cover or minimally cover the best canvas on earth: Our bodies. We cannot escape it even if we tried. Even those who sequester themselves away from general society create their own sense of style, because to be creative is to be human. Fashion is EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE.

We in the fashion committee invite you to join along, celebrate and spread a good word about this very practical, universally and eternally relevant art form - for if clothing ceased to be made, where would we all be?

Chrishaunda Lee
Fashion Committee Chair

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