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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

See Manhattan On Your Feet Absolutely Loves Mover and Shaker Anna Baiguera's Annette Nappa Angnello Ballet Flats: When You Wear Them, Your Feet Will Know It is Spring in Manhattan! AMO LE SCARPE ITALIANE!!!! BRAVO ANNA!!!!!

Introducing the latest in the Anna Baiguera hit parade: Annette (6388) Nappa Angnello Glicine!
We are in love again with these shoes.  Actually obsessed would be a more accurate term.
Yes, in Italian that basically means we highly recommend them.
Spring has sprung on Peachy's feet and she can't take these off.
Why would she even want to?
The leather is like butter.  The color is fabulous.  The fit is superb.
Anna Baiguera is a genius.
If your feet aren't this happy, you need to head to Henri Bendel in New York.  Now!
In other American cities, you can go to Serenella, En Avance, and Julienne to pick up your Anna Baiguera ballet flats in every color and make.
You know a person is seriously fun when the cursor on their website is an upbeat pink hue tube of lipstick!  And we would expect nothing less from one of our Movers and Shakers!  
You know Anna is a Mover and Shaker!
Well we have to tell you her ballet flats are like the crabcakes at Swifty's.
You can't just have one pair.
You know the first pair we got we fell in love with:
These shoes are even in the Top Ten Things to Smell in Manhattan:
We are certain you cannot say that for very many shoes.
Start shopping!!!!

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