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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Terrific Takeout: The Mansion Restaurant

Most neighborhood restaurants in Manhattan are ordinary, but Mansion Restaurant is extraordinary. This is no wonder as they have been around since 1945 and currently are on the corner of York and 86th street. They do a great job on regular American cuisine, and it is the kind of place you want to order from when you want your dinner to just hit the spot. What Peachy Deegan liked best were the sautéed green beans:
You would be surprised at how often restaurants do not serve crispy, quality vegetables but we see it! And we don’t tell you. But we absolutely will tell you you ought to get the side of green beans at Mansion. The vegetable hit parade doesn’t end there though and that is good news for everyone that has heard on the news that you are supposed to eat umpteen vegetables a day or you’ll die of cancer.
Salad was mixed well which doesn’t happen often, and boasted an outstanding variety of vegetables from cherry tomatoes to a variety of greens, and the cucumbers were especially fresh and flavorful. 
Peachy Deegan is a good Catholic girl, or relatively good, and she has little experience with Matzo ball soup; however she was willing to try it at the suggestion of John, the owner. It was a great chicken noodle soup, and the Matzo ball was smartly packaged separately.
For the main course we ordered the Chicken Parmesan and it was a hearty slice of chicken with bursts of tomato sauce that was lovely. The mozzarella was spread on thickly, and served with spaghetti. This is a diner-type American style as opposed to a strict Italian style that you have seen us write about in previous entries of Italian places-this is the type that your family would make if you are not Italian! Very good, but very American.
The apple pie was phenomenal and they were so thoughtful to put whipped cream in a separate container. This dessert component lasted about 30 seconds….just kidding! The people there have a smile on their faces and are superfriendly as well....Mansion Diner is Terrific Takeout and you should check it out!

+1 (212) 535-8888
Mon - Sat:6:00 am-1:00 am
Sun:6:00 am-12:00 am

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