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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fabulous Food Trucks: Valducci's Original Pizza

It's a good thing the Vallario family now drives around Manhattan with Valducci's original pizza, because Peachy Deegan would have never found it in Staten Island.  (She has never been to Staten Island...)  Bryan Vallaro makes some fabulous simple flat bread pizza, and we find it interesting that the cheese is directly on top of the bread, and the sauce is on top.  It was crusty, delicious and flavorful, and you never know when you'll be hungry and you'll see this truck coming!  This food truck trend is certainly coming into its own though you know Peachy ALWAYS prefers Swifty's.  
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They tell us it is their signature thin crust old fashioned square: thin crisp crust, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil, secret blend of Italian grated cheeses and fabulous sauce.
Of course, Peachy did not eat her pizza walking down the street.  She needed to get to a spot where she could find a proper fine bone china plate (by Mikasa!) to eat this masterpiece off of.  By the way, this pizza comes one way: plain.  But in this case, plain is extraordinary!  Try it yourself and don't worry: you can find it without taking a ferry.

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