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Monday, July 25, 2011

Chez Peachy: Welcome to WellnessMats Premier Anti-Fatigue Mats for a Healthy Way of Life Recommended by Whom You Know

Are your feet killing you and it's only Monday?  We looked high and low and in addition to many of the fabulous shoes we recommend, we have found another item your feet will adore: WellnessMats.  Since 1996, WellnessMats have been effectively addressing the strenuous demands of many commercial industries with their anti-fatigue mat solutions, which we think are so smart.

In 2010, after an increased demand from consumers, they decided to bring the latest in anti-fatigue mat technology home and make your Chez Peachy even more spectacular.  They encourage better posture, muscle conditioning and improved overall health and well being.  How?  By displacing and suspending body weight on the mat.  This subtle activity reduces muscle and joint fatigue as well a stress on the lower extremities.  Feet, knees, ankles, calves and lower back will receive unsurpassed comfort, support all in one anti-fatigue mat.  Courtesy of WellnessMats. The bottom line; you feel better and you literally are healthier on a WellnessMat.


“We are proudly manufactured 100% in the USA, (were even featured on ABC World News Tonight Made in America Series) and continue to be proven effective and virtually indestructible in some of the very toughest environments.  We are very proud to be industry’s favorite for professional and residential kitchens and chefs, hotels, airports, spas-salons, and retailers all over the world,” says Daniel Bouzide, President of WellnessMats.   “WellnessMats are a practical preventative approach to any condition and are part of a healthy lifestyle.  The name says it all; we really are all about health, safety, and comfort.”

Launched in early 2010, WellnessMats has unveiled its Original WellnessMat, MaxumMat, decorative MotifMats, customized PuzzleMat line and soon its Seasons Mat Cover Collection – a brand extension exclusively for WellnessMats.  

In addition, WellnessMats is happy to announce they have recalibrated their APT technology, improving upon the mats, making all WellnessMats perform even better, making them even easier to clean and maintain. 

Safe, non-toxic, and PVC-free, all WellnessMats are ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort, safety, relief and well-being while you stand, wherever you stand. Easy-to-clean (and now even easier) with a non-skid bottom, non-slip top, and no-trip beveled edge, WellnessMats are inherently anti-microbial by design and are stain, puncture and heat-resistant.  WellnessMats will always lay flat; edges will never curl and are perfect for any area of the home where one is on their feet: the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, home gym, or even shop or garage use.  Welcome to a new level of comfort.

Be Well with WellnessMat.  Guaranteed.
WellnessMats’ comfort and performance is proven in some of the toughest commercial environments across the country.   Advocated by healthcare professionals and medically proven to promote proper circulation and reduce fatigue, WellnessMats are the mat-of-choice for the Department of Homeland Security, TSA and cooks across the country. 
Designed and engineered with revolutionary and proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT), WellnessMats feature a remarkably elastomeric and resilient core, that offers 50% more cushioning than other mats in the category, making them dramatically different from other anti-fatigue mats on the market today.  APT allows WellnessMats cushiony core to permanently bond with the abrasion, stain, and microbial resistant outer layer.  Called cross-linking, the polyurethane molecules permanently bond through a process called thermosetting.  What that means is that the mats will never delaminate and that the unmatched comfort and longevity of all WellnessMats are permanently locked into every fiber.  It is this technology that allows WellnessMats to offer the most comprehensive customer satisfaction guarantee in the industry – an enviable seven (yes, 7) year residential warranty.  “You stand on it, we stand behind it.”

WellnessMats are Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors
Bringing its proven technology to the home, WellnessMats are designed to provide comfort and style.  Available in five rich colors, and five convenient sizes, there is a perfect coordinating mat for every home. 

The MaxumMat
Designed for Comfort, Built for Strength; the MaxumMat comes straight from the professional kitchen to yours.  Possessing all of the attributes of the WellnessMat, MaxumMat is engineered with a strong grip textured surface making it the perfect for use in your garage, a hobby-room, or even a home-shop or studio.

Motif Collection
Developed specifically for those who want all the comfort and benefits of the original WellnessMats, with more decoration, we bring you the Motif™ Collection.   Beautiful and comfortable, Motif offers the best of both worlds; beautiful embossed/textured patterns, with all of the inherent comfort and performance attributes of WellnessMats.  Two patterns: Trellis is a visually striking lattice-like pattern inspired from antique wrought-iron designs and Bella, our latest addition, features a lyrical, soft floral design.  Available in four colors: burgundy, brown, black and tan.  Two sizes: 3x2 and 6x2. 

The new PuzzlePiece™ Collection
WellnessMats developed Puzzle to be tailored to meet your individual needs.  Now you can create your perfect sized anti-fatigue mat, by combining our dedicated mat sections to suite the length of your space.  Unlike our one piece mats, the puzzle pieces can be easily dismantled for moving and cleaning. Create unlimited lengths simply by keying each piece together creating a perfectly smooth surface.  Available in black, brown and burgundy, and available for sale in June 2011.

Seasons Collection
WellnessMats unveils its decorative mat cover collection, appropriately named Seasons.  Innovative and decorative, ‘Seasons’ allows one to add bit of “spice” to their WellnessMat while introducing a splash of style, variety and color to their d├ęcor by simply ‘wrapping’ their WellnessMat in one of these new decorative covers.   Consumers can now have it all; the comfort and well-being of a WellnessMat with the beautiful, changeable and decorative options that Seasons provides. 

About Wellnessmats
WellnessMats mats are designed and manufactured right here in the US. Their sales and marketing offices are in Troy, Michigan, where they continually strive to provide the best customer support, advocate the benefits of this product, and continue to develop the best in product innovation. With over 300 valued employees, WellnessMats are proudly manufactured just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. It is here, with great enthusiasm, that many members of the team have spent an entire career researching, developing and producing the superior products you stand on. WellnessMats, a relative newcomer yet proven leader in the anti-fatigue mat category, is dedicated to providing the very best in comfort, performance, and style.  Available through William Sonoma, Frontgate, Chefs and hundreds of specialty retailers across the country, WellnessMats strives to create new innovations that continue to place WellnessMats as the leader in this growing market.

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