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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Epicuren After Bath Moisturizer Recommended by Whom You Know

After Bath Moisturizer | msrp 2, 8, and 16 oz price depends on scent and size 

If you think scaly skin only happens in the winter, think again.  Of course we are combating it most then, but we wanted to gently remind you with a gentle product by Epicuren: their after bath moisturizer-to keep your skin gentle too!  Epicuren®’s After Bath Moisturizer is a rich unique blend of Epicuren® enzyme enriched skin treat emulsion and aromatherapy oils.  This blend is the ultimate luxurious lotion for personal use.  The combination of this exceptional blend of aroma oils, with superior quality hydrating oils, protein enzymes, antioxidants and emollients gives the skin a vital  treatment. The benefits of Epicuren® After Bath lotion over traditional lotions is significant. It is water soluble, allowing for better skin acceptance and will not stain clothes. Epicuren is becoming one of our new favorite go-to brands and we love that they are AMERICAN and made in California....who knows, maybe someday soon you will even be able to drink The Peachy on the West Coast and we will be telling our friends at Epicuren when it happens!

For all skin types and available in the following scents: 
Fresh Unscented  | Orange Blossom | Papaya Pineapple | Moroccan Rosemary | Rose Petal | French Lavender | Kukui Coconut  | Tahitian Vanilla | Lemongrass

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