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Monday, August 8, 2011

Health Enterprises Launches New Spa Therapy Assortment: TheraTOES Recommended by the Pampered Piggie Panel of Whom You Know

Ah, the sidewalks of New York!  Songs have been written praising these mean streets, notwithstanding the daily grind, and the toll the pavement takes on our delicate little feet.  Those of us who wear heels, whether they be kitten-ish, or stilletto fierce, need an in-house reflexologist to soothe our toes at the end of a day.  It's not easy.  Many a product has been created: salves, creams, soaks.  Now we have it all in one tiny little box: TheraToes! Health Enterprises, Inc . found the solution in a therma-gel product.  TheraToes goes into the microwave for 12 seconds, rests for a minute, then onto your toes while you do some R&R.

Health Enterprises TheraTOES help pamper your feet! I love how they stretch and refresh my feet. You can heat the soothing pads and you can also cool them! It really keeps your feel refreshed. The therma gel pads send a nice soothing relief and cramped and achy feet. Ahhhhh this is the way to treat yourself after a hard day at work!

I have a cute pair of shoes I really love, but my toes don't.  I was so happy when I tried the TheraTOES.  It helped relax and revitalize my toes better than any other home remedy I've tried.  I have told several friends about the TheraTOES and they couldn't wait to try it out.  Because I only had 1 to try out, I had to buy another one after I tried it.  I couldn't believe how well they worked.  This has to be one of the best inventions in a long time.

I tried Thera Toes and immediately fell in love. It was the answer to my prayers. Every time I wore shoes that pinched my feet or had just come from the gym, I always thought how great a foot rub would be. Thera Toes is like a "mini" spa therapy for your toes. Thera Toes is a therma gel that delivers soothing relief to tired and sore feet. You have an option of going hot or cold. Excellent way to pamper and refresh your feet after a long day!


Health Enterprises, Inc, a leading provider of consumer healthcare products, today announced the global launch of its new Spa Therapy assortment to provide soothing, fashionable and affordable foot pain relief.

This new assortment includes the TheraTOES and TheraPED.  Both products feature a zebra print with targeted hot/cold gel to help refresh and revitalize cramped, achy feet and toes after a long day in high heels or painful shoes.  The TheraPED also includes spacers to help stretch and gently realign toes.

Research from the American Podiatric Medical Association highlights the need for products that pamper and help soothe foot pain.  Consider that 87% of women report foot pain or problems as a result of painful footwear and 39% of women report wearing high heels every day despite the fact that 75% report shoe related foot pain and other symptoms. 

“The TheraPED and TheraTOES are the latest in Health Enterprises new product development efforts to positively impact lives on a daily basis.  We look forward to bringing this soothing, fashionable and needed relief to consumer across the globe,” commented Brendan Leonard, president of Health Enterprises, Inc.   

Health Enterprises, Inc. is a leading supplier of branded and private label consumer healthcare products sold in retailers across the globe.  For more information about Health Enterprises and its complete product line, visit

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