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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

READ THIS: INTIMATE CHANEL By Isabelle Fiemeyer, Foreword by Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie Coco Chanel's Grandniece

Like most women on earth, Peachy Deegan absolutely loves Chanel.  Beyond the clothes, makeup, perfume and all of the mass merchandising we see today is the person who came first, and it's her that we want to read about again and again.  Knowing her story, which is not a straightforward life by any means, is key to appreciating all that the brand has become and moreso, knowing her story is simply to be inspired by her as we cannot think of anyone in fashion who is more inspirational and possibly no one more influential.  What makes this book different is first of all its published by Rizzoli and we love them-that is by far the best bookstore in Manhattan according to Peachy Deegan, but above all, the key to the success of this book is the unique perspective given by Coco Chanel's grandniece, whom it seems she was so close to.  This book is clearly a real labor of love and that is evident from the first page.  Intimate Chanel is highly recommended by Whom You Know.


By Isabelle Fiemeyer 

Foreword by Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie  With photography by Francis Hammond Hardcover / 208 pages / 7 ¾” x 10 ¾” / 150 b/w and color illustrations / $60.00 U.S. ISBN: 978-2-08-030162-8 / Publication date: September 2011 “Everything has been said, written, and filmed about Chanel for four decades now—everything, that is, except the landscape of her private world, her beliefs and inspirations, her attachment to symbolism, spiritualism, and esotericism, to literature and poetry, to the men whom she loved, and above all to her family.”— Isabelle Fiemeyer from the Preface Much has been written and portrayed about the dynamic life of Coco Chanel, so much that it might seem hard to imagine that there is anything not already known about this legendary designer—but there is. In INTIMATE CHANEL, by Isabelle Fiemeyer and Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie, Palasse-Labrunie (Chanel’s only direct descendant) offers memories of her beloved great-aunt with whom she enjoyed a close-knit relationship for more than forty years. In loving and intimate detail Palasse-Labrunie shares all that was important to her great-aunt and recounts their private conversations, unveiling who her “Auntie Coco” really was: a Chanel who was very different from her public persona. Divided into five chronological sections—Darkness; Invisible Realities; Poetic States; Correspondances; and Resonances—the details of Chanel’s most private self are revealed: the profound effect of “Boy” Capel on her life, her fondness for symbolism and poetry, her inspirations, her artist friends and companions, her relationships with beloved family members, and much more. Photographs of Chanel’s personal effects—many of which have never before been seen or published— include gifts given to her by the men in her life, favorite furniture she transported from place to place for years, her lavish jewellery collection, talismans held near and dear, intimate family photographs, rare documents, private correspondence, and books with personal inscriptions. Simply put, INTIMATE CHANEL is the most personal account of the life and work of legendary designer Coco Chanel ever told. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Isabelle Fiemeyer has written biographies on Coco Chanel and Marcel Griaule, as well as a novel in her native French. Francis Hammond’s photographs have been published in Elle Décor and Martha Stewart Living as well as Historic Houses of Paris (2010), Elegant Entertaining (2009), and Mariage Frères French Tea (2003). Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie is Coco Chanel’s great-niece. Credit for the book must read: © INTIMATE CHANEL, by Isabelle Fiemeyer, Flammarion, 2011. Images from INTIMATE CHANEL © Francis Hammond may not be reproduced in any way, published, or transmitted digitally, without written permission from the publisher. Intimate Chanel By Isabelle Fiemeyer Foreword by Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie With photography by Francis Hammond 208 pages / 7 ¾” x 10 ¾” / 150 b/w and color illustrations Hardcover / ISBN: 978-2-08-030162-8 / $60 U.S., $68 Canada Flammarion (distributed by Rizzoli through Random House) Publication Date: September 2011

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