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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peachy Picks Marcony

It's not who you know, it's Whom You Know we keep telling you and we are thrilled to know Marco, and his lovely chandelier:, and the superbly fun bubbles at the bar:
and of COURSE, his fantastic cuisine.  You should note that Peachy Deegan did not know about this chandelier collection prior to walking in the door for the review, and you can imagine the cartwheels that she did around the room when she saw the gorgeous lighting.
Not only did she see bubbles, but she drank them as well when she began with a lovely Prosecco.
Set sail with Marco, Peachy and her panelist because you are taking a virtual trip to Capri.
Time to board our private yacht.
Every table at Marcony begins with the tantalizing fried cheese ravioli.  This truly ignites your appetite with authentic Italian flavors that will make you smile.
Marcony was first featured in Tasty Tidbits:
And it has advanced to Peachy's Picks!
You quite literally feel like you are in Capri, or what you imagine Capri to be.
We fear the Pirate Ship that may discover this island will find the amazing wine, fabulously displayed:
Peachy is not an architect or interior designer, but she knows a lot of them and thinks Marcony is one of the most beautifully designed restaurants in New York.
...and the appetizer was beautifully designed too.  If you think our pictures at Marcony look better than other restaurants, just remember how fabulous their lighting is.
You know the kind of mussels/muscles Peachy loves most are not the kind she exercises at a gym, they are like the above picture!  Cozze Alla Griglia, Prince Edward Island mussels steamed then grilled with fresh thyme, EVO oil, garlic and lemon are totally refreshing in these steamy September days we are still having, and the sauce is uniquely delicious.  We've had a myriad of mussels served in Italian red sauce, but we believe this is the first Italian spot that served them to Peachy in white sauce and they were juicy and tender, and beautifully flavored.
You know Peachy just loves the color green, and a meal is not complete without a proper salad.  Marcony makes knockout salads we can now vouch: the Di Spinaci consists of fresh spinach, sliced mushrooms, lightly wilted smoked pancetta, red onion and was delightfully dressed: not too heavy, and just enough dressing.
Oooooh we just love love love Branzino and were thrilled to see it was a special flown in from Spain for the night.  Grilled with a lemon orange reduction sauce, roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables, this was the meal you want to eat!  Just lovely.  It is a great way to extend the summer too-by eating seafood like this.  The sauce was perfectly refreshing and did not overwhelm the fish.  The vegetables were crispy and delicious!  All beautifully arranged as well, which did not surprise Peachy one bit-seems like Marco must have majored in design along the way inbetween his windsurfing days in Capri. We'd advise you to make your reservations open table was not a common occurrence at Marcony.  Alex was a wonderful server and totally on the ball.

Don't listen to Peachy only!  Our esteemed panelist adds:

We reviewed MARCONY on Lexington Avenue and 32nd Street this past Saturday. Upon arrival we were treated to a warm greeting by Marco, the owner who hails from Capri in Southern Italy. We were seated on the 2nd floor balcony which overlooks the restaurant in a private, VIP area. The restaurant’s interior is tastefully decorated with vintage wine bottles, paintings punctuated by the intimate lighting. The main centerpiece is the elaborate multi-colored glass chandelier which looks like a masterpiece from the MoMa and is quite impressive. We would recommend a visit simply to see this unique piece of art.

We were served by our waiter Alex who was very attentive and prompt, explaining the menu to us in full. For starters we sampled a fried cheese ravioli, which could have used more zest in the sauce but nonetheless was something different. We then tried the sesame crusted seared raw tuna loin with watercress served over a vegetable pancake. The tuna was very fresh and delicious especially with the soy and wasabi sauces served on the side for added kick. We also sampled the spinach salad with mushrooms and smoked pancetta. This salad is perfect for warm days given its light, refreshing flavour. We loved the pancetta in the salad which made this dish. 

 We sampled 2 specialty drinks, one called the MARCONY and the other a martini with pear vodka, elderflower liquer and limoncello. Both were full of fruit flavour, not too strong and equally refreshing. We also enjoyed the Montepulciani red wine. For the main course, we dined on the veal scaloppini with mushrooms, capers in a brown sauce with a side of vegetables and potatoes, shown above. This was one of the best veal dishes we have ever eaten. We loved the light texture of the meat and the mushrooms and capers which added a nice subtle flavour both earthy and salty. For dessert, we sampled a small piece of tiramisu, chocolate ganache cake, frutti di bosco with cream sauce and cheesecake. Our favorite was the tiramisu which had subtle flavours of amaretto in it. 

Given its versatile and diverse menu, ambience, gracious service, we highly recommend MARCONY for either a romantic dinner date or a meeting of friends. We were very impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the food, the presentation, diversity of the menu, the attentive/A level service and the atmosphere of the restaurant. We’ll be back with our friends soon.

Peachy Picks Marcony!
Marcony is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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