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Monday, October 31, 2011

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE WITH THE MAKE-UP-MATTE! Make-Up-Matte™ Chic Workspace & Portable Carryall for Cosmetics Recommended by The Gorgeous Women of Whom You Know

There was a young Peachy who lived in New York
She had so many beauty products- a lot more than when she lived in Cork
Finding them when she needed them was a challenge indeed
So then she got the Make-Up-Matte, which took an organized lead!
In Seattle!
Then she had the gorgeous women of Whom You Know try it, and they say:

If you travel as often as I do, you have routines. Some of my routines bring about the comforts of home. Others are annoying, such as having to unpack my makeup from my toiletry bag and then spread out over the bathroom counter (requisite towel underneath). Hello Make-Up-Matte! It is a new way to pack up your makeup and then have it all handy in a roll out patch (think like a jewelry roll but for your makeup). It is not only super cute so you can carry it in your bag, but easy to clean and holds all the day-to-day necessities. If you travel at all, this is an absolute must. I think I found a new Christmas gift for all my girlfriends!

We love stylish products, especially when they are functional, just like the Make-Up-Matte! This portable cosmetic case holds brushes and your make up too. The great thing is this case works with all your make-up needs, specifically mineral and powder make-up. The secret is that the Matte absorbs any loose make-up, allowing for quick and easy clean up. If I had a dollar for every-time my husband yelled at me for make-up on the counter, this product solves that problem in a flash. The Matte is available in numerous patterns and colors, all very stylish! We love the "Lilly" collection of course! The fabric is made of micro-fiber, super soft, and fits in any purse or bag. This is a must-have for frequent travelers. The best part is the Matte is machine washable and made in the USA! When it comes to cosmetic cases it doesn't get any better than that!

Roll out your Make-Up-Matte, and get busy being beautiful! This brilliant little self-containing mat has one side lined in terrycloth, to absorb loose bits of powder, with plenty of sleeves for make-up brushes, et al. Designed by a busy Mom, the mat gives us all a workspace on the go. The ingenious compartments, and the flexibility give you the opportunity to unroll the entire thing on your briefcase, if need by, for touch-ups before a big lecture. Or in the car, before you run out to the next meeting. Colors vary with the seasons, and the collections presented in their video and online show a wide range for gift giving. This is the stocking-stuffer of the year! 

Make-Up-Ma​tte is the best portable workspace solution out there. I have been looking for a great way to bring my brushes along and not make a mess. This Make-Up-Ma​tte is compact and easy to take on the go. Comes in fun designs and really makes applying makeup a snap. The best part is get this product dirty - NO PROBLEM - just throw it in the wash! Voila it's back to brand new. This is a wonderful gift idea too for those makeup lover that don't have time to waste.


The Make-Up-Matte™ is a mineral and powder workspace solution and portable carryall for your cosmetics and brushes when you are on-the go. Unfold your Matte and use at home on your vanity, at the gym, in your car, a hotel bathroom or anywhere you apply your makeup. The Matte’s not only provide a clean workspace to apply your makeup they also absorb excess particles and enable quick and efficient cleanup. Chic print fabric designs combined with luxuriously soft microfiber make the Matte’s ideal for gifting. Make-Up-Matte’s are machine washable for easy-care convenience and are proudly made in the USA. 

A new, Seasonal Favorites Collection has just been added to the web site featuring a variety of styles including Chic Animal, Peace Out and Retro Dance Party. The Make-Up-Matte’s retail for $22.95 and the generous assortment of print fabrics enable you to find an option for all your makeup-wearing friends and family. 

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