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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Patriotic Peachy: Thank You Mover and Shaker Rita Cosby for Keeping America on Top by Putting Us On Your Nationally Syndicated Show October 24, 2011! Tell Us About Your Favorite Brands 100% Made in the USA!

Rita Cosby is a MOVER AND SHAKER and we are so thrilled and thankful she put us on nationally syndicated radio yesterday!  
Listen here starting at 18 minutes into it: Rita and Peachy!

Thank you to our Movers and Shakers for calling in!

27:00 into it you hear Mover and Shaker Ellen Christine

30:00 into it you hear Mover and Shaker Charles Ferri

Their brands are made in the USA!

Here is Rita's entire site on the New York station she is on:

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