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Monday, November 28, 2011

DAYLIGHT: The Big Apple Circus, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know, Continues to Impress with Dream Big, Which You Absolutely Must See At Least TWICE Says Whom You Know!

You know the story-Peachy first came with her classmate for her birthday when she turned 16-and then came back here:
and here:
and here, in the snowstorm:
and you know Peachy Deegan loved the trapeze so much, she went to Trapeze school:
The show keeps getting better and better, and Peachy could not see it just once, and this time she brought two of her favorite little ones with her, and their moms, and one of their grandmothers.
If you don't reside in Manhattan, that was one tough snowstorm the weekend the circus opened, and we were thrilled to be able to bring our smallest panelists who are the true judges of the show this time.
Here is the new generation of Whom You Know:
 The Big Apple Circus gives noses to their most petite fans, and they love them.  They pay attention to every last detail, including giving booster seats to the they can really see the show!
They reported to their moms, and the moms say:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why you ask? Well because the Big Apple Circus is in town. A staple for the NY Christmas season. I have been going since I was a little girl growing up on the Upper East Side. I remember the excitement and build-up when my parents would tell me we were going. Sometimes my school would host a private night for as a charity fundraiser and all of my friends from kindergarten to the 12th grade would attend. The show is unforgettable with its intimate setting and outstanding performances. This year was no different. I get to share the tradition with my three year old daughter who jumps up and town with the biggest smile on her face when I tell her we have tickets.
So what should you expect this year? Lots of laughing, jaw dropping stunts and magical mysteries. The show starts with a new host this year, Jenna Robinson. A former cabaret performer, Jenna lights up the ring with her singing and acting. Next up was some incredible acrobatics all combined with jump roping. The Shandong Acrobats were flawless and were the perfect opening act to raise the level of excitement. Other acts that are sure to tantalize the senses were the funny yet mysterious magic show by Scott and Muriel. Incredible illusionists they sawed and spun their way through the show leaving you in wonder.

Other highlights from the show included a wonderful animal act of a porcupine and a capybara as well as three stunning horses that danced around the ring. Always a show pleaser for the young and the old. We also loved the girl who floated through the air on a rope with such precision and grace. Anna Volodko has been performing the aerial rope from a very young age and it shows.

As always Grandma the clown is clever, funny and current with his, I mean her act. From teasing the audience to integrating herself in all parts of the show she seems to pull it all together. As this is her last year, I salute Grandma for an outstanding 25 years at the Big Apple. You will not want to miss her final season.

But the show stealer this year was a young girl who is pulled from the crowd early in the show. Tricked into believing she is just there to watch as we all are. Later only to find that she is actually part of the flying Cortes act. Yes, the trapeze show was mystifying and again flawless. Flipping and gripping has become a new fun term in our family. So all of the trapeze artists are flying through the air only to have this (maybe twelve year old) Strip down to costume and do some flying on her own. SPECTACULAR to say the least.

So put on you clown noses and head over to Lincoln Center for some death defying acts in the most intimate setting and really be a part of the show this year. Keep the tradition alive and support one of acts around, the Big Apple Circus!

The 2011-2012 season of the Big Apple Circus is under way and it is not to be missed! Lincoln Center has never seemed so intimate nor so silly! My 3.5 year old daughter and I had the opportunity to attend as our first circus and we couldn't have asked for a better time! From the start the Shandong Acrobats were taking our breath away with the synchronized jump rope routine. Our absolute favorites were the slapstick, animals and acrobats! The hilarious duo of Scott and Muriel's Magic Moments kept my daughter enthralled (Mommy, where did that lady in the box go?!?!?)! The animals seemed magical with trainer Jenny Vibel -- the little girls needed to debate how did she get the animals to do everything - could she be a princess or a witch?? The show concludes with the Flying Cortes. Their flying trapeze program keeps you on the edge of your seat, especially when their 10 year old artist takes to flight. Amazing is not strong
enough! It is necessary to mention there really isn't a bad seat under this big top. The crew was also very conscientious. They went to all seats offering boosters to the youngest fans. Made it an even better experience for the little ones to not have to strain. I think we have a new tradition in our house for the holiday season -- the Big Apple Circus!

Every show they come out with is a unique tribute to their individual talents and collective imagination, and Dream Big is no exception. 
Scott and Muriel were terrifically entertaining, and they are a welcome addition to the show, as are Jenna Robinson and Andrey Mantchev:
We are sad that Grandma is departing, but we'd say the new star of the show is the little girl below, who even (SPOILER ALERT) flys off the trapeze at the end overcoming her shyness.
A bit of tumbling from the acrobats:
...and banter from Grandma, Jenna and Dmitry will simply delight you.
Another aspect that sets The Big Apple Circus apart is its personal interaction with the audience. Each member of the cast exudes pure joy and shares that by engaging audience members into the show, sometimes literally. It makes all the difference.
The show displays feats of strength:
And our favorite was the trapeze!
For its 34th Season the Big Apple Circus dares you to Dream Big! It’s an All–New Show, where the World’s Greatest Circus artists are presented under an intimate Big Top, and no seat is more than 50 feet from the ring! The Big Apple Circus presents Dream Big in its annual engagement at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park from Thursday, October 20, 2011, through Sunday, January 8, 2012.
Let your imagination soar and summon the most amazing acts — A juggler with a suit to fit his sweet feats of fancy handiwork! A mechanical doll who comes alive in a sinuous balancing act! Spirited horses, frolicsome dogs, and a capybara and porcupine to perk up the sawdust party! Audacious acrobats who astound with athletic grace! Comical conjurors with magical moments of grand illusion! The aerial daring of the trapeze flyers! A singing Ringmistress and the Big Apple Circus Band creating the ringing melodies of memories to last! And Grandma !! Yes, Grandma, apogee of comical aspiration and mirthful joy! Your dreams will inspire a Big Apple Circus of living thrills and marvelous delight — a celebration of the imagination — an astonishing circus world of wonder!
"The Big Apple Circus is YOUR circus, Big Apple is back in town!”

Show Information

Performers from around the globe gather at the Big Apple Circus under the artistic direction of Guillaume Dufresnoy for this 2011–2012 season’s show:

ó From the US, International Clown Hall of Fame inductee Barry Lubin, and his unforgettable clown Grandma in a farewell tour as star of the Big Apple Circus!

ó From Colombia, the astonishingly talented Flying Cortes return to the ring in a breath–taking trapeze routine with startling, soaring leaps and flips!

ó From the US and Holland, Scott Nelson and Muriel Brugman make a lovable and mischievous magician and assistant duo, sparking laughter with their hilarious manikin act!

ó From Russia, with extreme elegance and pinpoint poise, Anna Volodko mesmerizes audiences as she twists up and falls down the aerial rope!

ó From the US, the beautiful Jenny Vidbel presents fiery Arabian horses and playful pooches, with a surprise or two to keep it lively!

ó From Russia, the extraordinary Dmitry Chernov enigmatically juggles around the ring in an intriguing and innovative routine!

ó From China, the Shandong Acrobats are a spectacularly talented group who surprise audiences with their eleven–man human juggling show!

ó From Switzerland, the spellbinding solo hand balancer Melanie Chycaptivates the audience with her fantastic flair!

ó From the US and Bulgaria, the brilliant Jenna Robinson hosts the circus with sweet style and splendid spirit, accompanied by her agile and faithful factotum, Andrey Mantchev!

After creating world renowned opera and musical productions in North America and Europe, the designer/director team of André Barbe and Renaud Doucet joins the Big Apple Circus to create another whimsical show. Multi-talented Guy Simard, with over 350 production credits in lighting, as theatre consultant or technical director, returns as lighting designer. Four-time winner of the MAC Award for Technical Direction, JP Perreaux returns to the circus as sound designer. Joining the Big Apple Circus as composer is mathias rüegg, founder of the Vienna Art Orchestra where he wrote over 350 compositions and arrangements. Music Director Rob Slowik leads the Big Apple Circus Band.

Ticket Information
Performances of Dream Big begin on Thursday, October 20th and run for 126 shows through Sunday, January 8thunder the Big Top at Damrosch Park in Lincoln Center (62nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues), the second stop on the Big Apple Circus's tour, following its world premiere engagement at Dulles Town Center, VA. Tickets forDream Big start at $15 and are available by calling (888) 541-3750 or at The Circus Box Office, located in front of the Big Top, will open Tuesday, October 18th; there is no service charge for tickets purchased at the box office. Hours of operation: Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM, and Sunday and Monday from 10 AM to 6 PM. The 1,619–seat Big Top is air-conditioned in warm weather and heated during cold months for all–season comfort. For groups of 15 people or more, for inquiries about wheelchair-accessible seating or for any additional information please call the Ticket Info Line at (800) 922-3772.

Big Apple Circus
For 34 years the Big Apple Circus, New York’s original one-ring circus, has been delighting audiences of all ages under its Big Top by presenting the finest in live family entertainment featuring world-class circus artistry. Experience the instant connection between audience and artist as your family sits less than 50 feet from the ring. The Big Apple Circus is a not-for-profit performing arts and outreach institution committed to invigorating the communities we serve with the joy and wonder of classical circus. Tax-deductible contributions made by corporations, foundations and individuals enable the Big Apple Circus to bring its special magic to diverse audiences through its outreach programs — Clown Care[SM],Vaudeville Caravan[SM], Circus After School[SM], Circus For All!® and Circus of the Senses® — as well as its critically acclaimed performances.

For Membership, Private Performances and more information please visit our website at

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