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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We have simple taste at Whom You Know: we only like the best. And the best laundry detergent on earth is by Liz Barbatelli's The Laundry at Linens Limited, Inc. The Chez Peachy Panel did an encore review because we absolutely would not be without this amazing detergent which is truly one-of-a-kind. Here is the first time we mentioned it: You know when we mention something over and over, it is a sign of true excellence. The panelists rave:

As a mother with two little ones I have serious needs when it comes to laundry. First, I need it to be gentle. Second, I need it to do some serious cleaning. I am delighted to have been brought into the know with The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder. Not only is it free of harmful ingredients it works beautifully! I am happy that the scent is also light. Children can be so sensitive to these things and my 3 1/2 year old actually said she liked it! I love it because it gets the tough stains out. I especially love how all the collars of their adorable shirts are clean again. The stains of the dreaded spit up can really ruin some of these things, but The Laundry is my remedy! This has been added to my "must have" list for all my expecting friends!

Are all laundry detergents created equal? I used to think so, but I've recently discovered that the answer to that question is a resounding "No!" Since trying The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder, I've become a convert to this fantastic, high-quality product. Created by The Laundry, a high-end fine linen laundry service in Milwaukee, WI, this powder allows at-home launderers to take the best possible care of their apparel and household items. The powder is pH-balanced and made without additives, dyes, or bleach, so it is extremely gentle on fabrics and skin alike. But don't be fooled - although it's gentle, it's also extremely effective. I tried it out on a coffee-stained blouse, and it worked its magic on the first try! It also left all of my clothes, sheets and towels incredibly soft to the touch, without adding fabric softener! And even better? It comes in a reusable canister, so after your initial purchase, you can order refills through The Laundry's easy-to-navigate website...which is better for the earth - and your wallet! An all-around excellent product, which makes at-home laundering a cinch!

When I was a little girl, and nurses still wore uniforms, it was my very great honor to iron my Mother's nursing cap. Lulu, our housekeeper, would show me just how to dampen it, and press it carefully, so that the iron never stained the starched fabric. Once it was properly ironed, Lulu would show me how to fold it into it's proper shape. And that's when I became fascinated with the magic of the laundry process. Take anything with a stain, treat it properly, give it sun and air, and revel in the results of freshly laundered linens. Ah, the fresh scent of an air-dried sheet. What sweet dreams we all had, nestled in the pillowcases of our childhood.
For decades now, my life has crossed paths with antique linens, and fine vintage garments. How to wash, and care for these beautifully hand-embroidered pieces? Until now, I've used several methods, all revolving around archival processes. But for your own clothing, this is not the most practical approach. In my hand I hold the solution: a canister of The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder. It dissolves in a blink of an eye, and leaves no residue on hand washed garments. The first test was a shirt, aged with fold lines, from the 1950's. Without using their time-tested stain removal chart(, I simply soaked the shirt in a basin of water, with a sprinkle of the Laundry Powder, and lo! and behold: stains gone. Now that's good stuff. My cashmeres will be happy, and my silk pajamas content. In a seeming effortless process, stains are gone, fabric remains soft, and the earth is happy with no chemicals being flushed down the drain.  The Laundry also provides laundry services, and restoration for fine linens and specialty garments, should their services be needed. Until that day, indulge in their Laundry Powder, and luxuriate in those pillowcases!

I am sure you all have some clothing hanging in your closet that looks overwashed. The colors are somewhat faded and the material looks a little worn. Probably because you are using harsh laundry detergents. With that said I would love to introduce you to the ultimate in clothing care: The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder established in 1952. You only have to use a ½ scoop for you load as a little goes a long way. Perfect for any washer. And no need for all those other add ins like fabric softener and bleach. Your clothes come out feeling super soft, smelling amazingly fresh with that perfect clean laundry scent. To top it off- it is all organic and safe for the environment. So time to step it up and drop the commercial stuff and treat your clothes to a “spa” wash!

I absolutely love this laundry detergent. I have used it before and have always been happy with the results. This powder leaves my clothes feeling softer and cleaner than leading liquids. I don't have to use fabric softener in the cycle while washing either. It leaves a crisp, clean scent after I've dried my clothes that last for days. It got some tough stains out as well. Each time I use this detergent, I always find another reason to love it. It makes my whites whiter and my colors brighter. With the holiday's coming up, I know I'll have lots more laundry to do, and I couldn't think of any other laundry detergent that I would use. I plan to buy more. 

The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder is, simply put, fabulous. This is my first experience with laundry powder, I have always been a liquid detergent kind of girl. The most appealing thing about The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder? It is "good for clothes, good for the earth". The pH-balanced formula contains no bad "stuff" (additives, dyes, bleach, large amounts of phosphorus). Additionally, its organic surfactants are biodegradable (in oceans, lakes, streams)! The Laundry Powder comes in a reusable container as well, so packaging can be kept to a minimum. What's not to like about this product? Nothing! It comes with a measuring scoop (use one scoop per load or 1/2 scoop for HE washers), is very lightly scented and really gets the job done. I used this Laundry Powder for everything from delicates, to our four-year-old son's finger painted/muddy/a little bit of everything clothes, to my husband's work clothes and was thrilled with the results across the board! I highly recommend The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder to anyone who cares about their clothes!



For more than half a century, The Laundry at Linens Limited, Inc. has honored the distinctive nature of an exquisitely embroidered bed or table linen by caring for them in the same fashion they were created – by hand. It’s an Old-World sensibility that’s grounded in time-honored laundry care and restoration techniques and a hallmark of their business. As a result, today the company is recognized as the foremost fine linen laundry service in the country. 

A favorite amongst those who are ‘in the know’ of all things fabulous, The Laundry opened their doors over fifty years ago in response to the burgeoning consumer need for linen care. Today it is every bit as important to prevent people from hiding away linens they may have inherited or purchased for fear of soiling or damaging them. The Laundry wants people to enjoy and use their linens, encouraging families to use their fine linens and to enjoy the traditions of family life and festive gatherings. 

Their services range from expert laundering of your everyday bed and table linens to restoration techniques for linens that are badly stained, yellowed with age, or even severely damaged. Whatever processes your linens require to be restored to their natural beauty, you will be assured of single-minded attention to detail and a commitment to delivering full satisfaction. 

Count on them to meet your most detailed specifications for full-range linen care. Rely on The Laundry for care standards that make it easy and convenient for you to enjoy your fine linens for the frequent, every day uses they were intended. For more information, please visit our website at

And now, for the first time The Laundry proudly offers their exclusive, time-tested laundry detergent formula for home use - The Laundry’s Finest. The powder is safe to use with all washing machine types, The Laundry’s Finest is made for everyday use -- everything from fine knits to towels to tough denim. 

The Laundry’s Finest embodies the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering full satisfaction with a pH-balanced and bio-degradable laundry powder. The powder is made with organic surfactants that give clothes a cleaner wash, make fabrics last longer and protect even the most delicate colors for decades. It contains no harmful additives, optical brighteners, bleach, or significant quantities of phosphorus. Additionally, the organic surfactants are biodegradable in oceans, lakes, and streams, returning to nature naturally. 

The detergent is packaged in a sturdy 40 ounce reusable canister good for 20 loads of laundry, with a handy dispensing spoon and simply-constructed, pre-measured plastic bag refills. 

The Laundry’s Finest is available for purchase at, with pricing starting at $24.95 for a canister and $19.95 for refills. 


The Laundry’s Finest powder detergent is concentrated, pH balanced, bio degradable, non-phosphorous (trace amounts less than 0.05%), and without additives. It is a laundry powder that is specially formulated to clean anything that is safe to clean using water. It performs well in front loading machines (with half the prescribed amount) and top loading machines. 

The source of this product is 60 years of use in our fine linen laundry where everyday bedding and table linens are washed time and again to remove everyday soil and difficult stains. Our natural organic formulation predates “modern” formulas with synthetic chemicals contributing to the proliferation of polluting additives, and is more effective than plant extract formulas. 

Finding a simple, pH balanced, non-phosphorus, biodegradable, concentrated laundry detergent formula that removes dirt and grime without the assistance of additives or synthetic fabric softeners as ours does is challenging. Before phosphates, chlorine bleach, “spring-fresh” scents and “baby-skin” softeners, there were pH-balanced, bio-degradable laundry powders that actually got clothes cleaner, made fabrics last longer, and protected even the most delicate colors for decades. 

Most mainstream detergents on the market today contain additives. An additive is either a whitener which is derived from chlorine bleach or an optical brightening agent derived from an optical brightener/ bluing dye. Very simply stated, both work by chemically changing the way that light reflects off or through the fabric, so that yellow or brown tones appear white, for example. Neither is readily biodegradable. 

In addition, recycled packaging materials comprise The Laundry’s Finest attractive yet sturdy, reusable canister. The measuring scoop is lightweight, but permanent, with a lanyard for safekeeping. Pre-measured refills are available, combining less waste with refillable convenience.  


Liz Barbatelli has been the President/Principal of The Laundry at Linens Limited, Inc. for the past twenty years, overseeing all aspects of the company, from day-to-day operations, to customer services, to marketing. Under her leadership, The Laundry has grown its “elite” customer base to over 6,000 strong worldwide, resulting in annual sales of just over one-half million dollars. With experience in fine linens, fine linen laundering, and fashion manufacturing, Barbatelli’s depth and breadth of knowledge have made her one of the most sought after experts in the Industry. 

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