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Monday, November 28, 2011


K'Nex has to be one of the most popular toys to play during indoor recess in my classroom. I usually keep a few computers in my room and sometimes will let my students play on approved websites during recess. They usually fight over who gets to play on them during recess. Lately, they haven't been wanting to do this. They've been wanting to play with the K'Nex. I now have to keep my students from fighting over playing with the K'Nex. They love to build things. I enjoy watching their creativity come out and try to "beat" each other in who can build the coolest thing. They've asked me if I can buy more to add to the collection we have so they can build a whole village. I can't wait to seem them in action again tomorrow.
The K’nex Super Value Tub provides nearly endless entertainment for your child. The Tub includes 521 pieces to build with. There are over 35 building designs from helicopters to race cars or just use your child can use their imagination to create something new. The brightly colored pieces fit together easily and invite them to dream of what they can make next. It’s like an engineering project in the tub. Your child will learn while building his/her imagination! The convenient red tub closes tightly and provides easy clean up for the pieces. And importantly, the K’nex Super Value Tub is made in the United States. So you can feel good to know that you supporting local businesses. A holiday must have for certain!

Want a super fun way to challenge your mind and your fingers? Just go pick up a tub of K’Nex! This great tub contains gears and wheels and propellers and all kinds of parts to make some of the coolest machines. The best part is that K’Nex is a product from the USA, Yes, you heard me. It is actually made in the USA. Perfect for a gift this Christmas Season or for any birthday party your child attends ages 6 and up. Right now they are offering a great value as the tub that usually has 350 parts has 521. Afraid your mind and hands can’t do this alone? Don’t worry K’Nex has over 35 different projects for you to build. So get building, hours of fun awaits!

When my son saw the big red tub of K'nex (521 pieces super value tub to be exact), his eyes nearly popped out of his head! He saw fun, fun, fun. I saw 521 little pieces ending up all over our house! My son and his grandfather ripped into the tub together as I was heading out the door. When I returned home, I was greeted with all sorts of K'nex creations! Along with the 521 pieces come 35 ideas/instructions of things to build. My son built a helicopter with the help of grandpa and he built a camera (see attached picture) all on his own. First and foremost what I like about K'nex? They are made in the USA!! Right in good ol' Pennsylvania! K'nex really foster creativity and imagination which are crucial to a child's development. My son entertained himself for quite some time with the K'nex. And then the best part? When it was time for dinner, he picked them all up and put them back in the super value tub making for one happy mommy! This product would make a great gift for any child this holiday season!


Build anything you can imagine with the 521 Super Value Tub! Loaded with 521 parts for lots of open building fun! Includes instructions/ideas for 35 unique models including dragsters, ferris wheels, dinosaurs, creatures and more! Parts and built models can be stored in the convenient storage tub. Ages 7+.

Packed with 521 parts

Ideas for 35 unique models

Open building fun

Convenient storage tub

Ages 7+

IMAGINE - Build - Play
K'NEX is the next generation of construction sets. It inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and encourages interaction among children and parents. The possibilities are endless!

K'NEX Brands, L.P. is a privately held company, with the headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Today, K'NEX is the most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company. Internationally, K'NEX products are distributed in over 30 countries. K'NEX Brands is also proud to distribute BRIO trains and toys, as well as Lincoln Logs in the North America.

This Is What We Believe:

We believe that the company can be financially successful while behaving in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We believe that our product, K'NEX, is unique and worthwhile; that it is capable of enriching the lives of those who use it, both through pure enjoyment and through its educational impact; and that these genuine qualities must be sustained with all the innovation and creativity we can muster.

We believe that K'NEX is as safe as human ingenuity can make it, and we must make this intrinsic in every design we devise and publish.

We believe that the company has a responsibility to provide a safe and fulfilling work environment, and an opportunity to grow and learn.

And This Is Why We're Here:

To be a profitable and successful company, while acting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Unless we achieve these goals, nothing that follows below will long be possible.

To provide safe, effective, innovative, and distinctive brands that truly delight the senses of sight and touch at every age, and tickles the senses of humor and wonder.

To respect the intelligence of our customers by providing products and designs that do exactly what we advertise they will, without artifice, deception or puffery.

To value and respect our co-workers, to be concerned about and contribute to their well being, and to act with integrity so as to deserve their trust.

To provide meaningful work, fair compensation, and a safe, healthy work environment that encourages openness, creativity, focus, self-discipline and growth.

To acknowledge the value of each person's contribution to our goals.

To foster teamwork in our tasks.

To work together to contribute to the long-term value and sustainability of our company.

To encourage diverse perspectives and talents that will enrich K'NEX, BRIO, and Lincoln Logs as a product and to broaden the base of understanding among all the people who work with us at K'NEX.

Adapted from The Soul of a Business, by Tom Chappell

K'NEX Brands Limited Partnership

Although the company has been operating as a toy company since 1992, The Rodon Group has been in business since 1956. Both companies have been operated as an extended family, and have internalized and embodied over that period a system of principles, procedures and values that have served to enhance the success of the companies, and to encourage the personal and professional growth of the people we work with every day.

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