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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Oooh we just love the petite version of the mountain bag-the mini mountain bag is just terrific for hiking around Manhattan, which is about as much hiking as you'll see Peachy Deegan do.  In the city or in the country, this bag is total quality with maximum durability which is key for the weather we have in store for us this winter-starting with that past October storm! Great for the daily commute, traveling, overnighters or whatever you may need to take with you over your shoulder.   Peachy thinks this is a fabulous size to pop your cocktail shoes into while you sprint to the event in your sneakers!  They use 1000d Cordura for the exterior and a heavy-duty 18oz. waterproof truck tarp for the inner liner and the natural leather lash tabs are perfect for securing extra gear or attaching a bike light if you are more rustic than Peachy...and we love this in silver-uber-glamorous!

All of the bags are handmade in their LEED Certified shop in Colorado.

Dimensions: 15″w x 8″h x 5″d

Volume: 750 cu. in./12.3 L

Materials: 1000d CORDURA® fabric outer with 18oz vinyl truck tarp liner.

Features: Leather lash tabs, large adjustable shoulder strap clasp, heavy duty metal hardware, lower cinch straps for securing extra gear, multiple inner pockets with pen slots, and key clip.

Colors: Black, Duck Camo, Olive, Silver, Khaki


Growing up in the mountains of the West we’ve been using gear from our earliest memories. We are fishers, hunters, ski instructors, hikers, climbers, bikers, travelers, and through it all we’ve searched for gear that really works – as well as satisfies the styles that we’re attracted to. Never satisfied with the standard fare, we sought out ski gear from France, bags from Japan, all the while honing our tastes and growing a seed of desire to create something ourselves.

Topo began well before it began, in discussions, sharing ideas, and just the desire to have quality products that were in our heads rather than the ones we saw in stores. It crystalized on the road to a beautiful powder day at Winter Park where the decision was made to make it a reality. The idea still sounded good on the way home, perhaps a bit high from the turns made, and a few days later, high fives all around, wallets emptied, sewing machines bought and we were on our way. As everyone that’s made something knows, it takes a lot longer to make something than to decide to make it. So we took our time, made prototype after prototype, tested, re-tested, took vacations just as an excuse to test, and we finally had our first bag. At this point we’d gained some skills and the following bags came more quickly. After some initial success in Japan we realized we’d need to step up our production a bit so we started working with a local production shop known for making quality bags. And that brings us to today, designing, sewing, prototyping, and moving forward.

At Topo Designs we talk a lot about how things are made and why, about the value of creating versus consuming, and how to work with that tension. When making the decision of where to produce our designs, we talked about importing and making locally. While drawn to the ideas of making things in the US we also understand the importance of making things work. After research we were pleased to find that we could make things locally and even more, we could control quality at a closer level, we could drastically reduce minimums which gave us more flexibility and, if we were careful, we could bring things in at a price that didn’t reduce it to a luxury item. We’re global citizens and enjoy things made all around the world, but we’re very proud to be making and producing things in the country we call home. We hope you enjoy them.

Topo bags are all made in a LEED certified building in Colorado, USA with an amazing view of the Rockies.

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