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Monday, November 14, 2011

Made in the USA: Fly Free Jeans Made in Seattle

I received an e-mail the other day suggesting that to help our economy, we should only purchase goods made in America this Christmas Season. This makes perfect sense to me so I went on-line looking for a pair of new denim jeans made here in the good, old USA. I came across and found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something different than what is available at every store in the mall and at the big box stores. I selected a pair of 701 Original Fly Free Raw Denim jeans. Raw denim has not been washed or made to look distressed at some factory. Your own body contour will create an individual fading, making a more natural distressed appearance. The unique styling of the front flap provides for easy access when Mother Nature calls. No chance of anything getting caught in a zipper at the most inopportune time, like in the movie "Something About Mary." Support your fellow Americans and purchase a pair of jeans from Fly Free jeans.

Refreshing! Liberating! Those are 2 adjectives I can use to describe Fly Free Jeans. Putting them on for the first time had an interesting feel to it. This included a step of buttoning the fly or zipping the jeans which I had the chance to skip. The jeans were both stylish and comfortable. I loved both the design and color of the jeans. They are perfect for that casual night out to the club or lounge with friends. They are also versatile enough to be worn with a dress shirt and nice
belt with that special someone for dinner. Two thumbs up for the Fly Free Jeans.


The Martin family which brings you Fly-Free Jeans has been involved in wholesale menswear for over five generations: 

Albert Harry Martin started Martin Stores Corporation in 1910, in Grand Rapids Michigan. An innovative business man described as a “loyal and liberal citizen” Albert quickly grew the business into one with “Michigan’s largest stock of workingman’s clothes," From there the company grew to over 40 stores and sold a large percentage of the clothes worn by men in the Midwest of the United States. 

Here’s some copy from an early corporate advertisement… "We make a real effort to supply every need of the workingman, and undoubtedly carry the largest stock of this kind in the state. And, furthermore, our prices are based on a forty-one-store buying power and quick cash turnover, which gives you the utmost money can buy." 

Albert H. Martin 2nd with Nancy F. McLane Martin, uphold the tradition of giving you the “utmost money can buy” by bringing you Fly-Free Jeans, still designed, tailored and manufactured in the United States to the absolute highest standards. The Martin family name continues to be your guarantee of clothing with style, durability and comfort. 

This it is a new patent pending design. However, like all new designs it got it’s inspiration from previous designs. Actually, pants of a design somewhat similar were the ONLY kind of pants worn by most men in the 17th and 18th Centuries. These pants were known as broad or narrow fall pants. Just like our design, fall pants offered uncompromised ease of movement and comfort. But they required precise tailoring experience and were expensive to make. With the introduction of the cheaper French fly many of the benefits of fall pants were lost … until now. 


It you would like more information please visit our website or call Albert Martin 206-841-3580

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