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Monday, November 14, 2011

Peachy and the City: Negotiating the Holy War Bet with Regis Philbin and Chatting with Angela Lansbury..."Oooh I Just Love New York Landmarks Conservancy!" Exclaims Peachy Deegan. Photography by Michael McAuliffe with Annie Watt

The most famous Notre Dame graduate with Peachy.  He has a big week this week!
She is explaining to him the merits of Boston College football.
As you know, Peachy went to Boston College, was a tour guide there for 4 years, was a sportswriter, was on the committee for the 5-year and 10-year reunions, and had her graduation party with five of her friends on the football team (at Dad's on Boylston Street).  Even some of them are on the Whom You Know panel today because after all, we are based on EVER TO EXCEL and just changed the words.  
When she was a freshman, she wrote on her forehead in maroon lipstick "Beat Notre Dame" and it's a good thing they did, since it suntanned in and it said that for three weeks on her forehead.  She also wears a shirt that says "God  is Good" on the front, and "So Was Gordon's Kick" on the back (not appropriate for black tie at The Plaza).  She was absolutely DYING to meet Regis to make a bet for The Holy War, and she did.  Regis, we know you have a busy week this week but now she's dying for your call.  Look, she even is writing in the 3rd person like you refer to yourself on your show...we also were equally delighted to speak with Angela Lansbury: 
Thank you Michael and Ann!
Photography courtesy of our friends:

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