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Monday, November 14, 2011

Peachy's Pet Pals Presents Strudel Marinelli! The Nosey Noodle is a Sailor, a Pal of White House Pooches, and Reminiscent of an Apfel Strudel!

Strudel Marinelli

As told to Peachy by Strudel's dad, famed shoe creator Tony Marinelli:

Strudel came to us as a total surprise. If you see it the way we do, it was an accident. It doesn’t mean we don’t love her just like our other “children.” Her arrival just wasn’t planned. We try to adopt our little beings from a shelter Like Adopt A Pet or the North Shore Animal League. We were on our way to Gino’s (sadly no longer there) - What did they do with that great wallpaper? Anyway, we walked by American Kennels on Lex. I wanted to show my wife Cynthia this particular breed I had admired for years. I had been traveling to Italy on business and whenever I walked the Via Spiga or the Via Montnapoleone in Milan there was always one breed of canine favored by the “cognoscenti”.... the miniature long haired dachshund.
They would all glide by in their loden cape coats (my description anyway) accompanied by these marvelous little creatures with silky ears and mascara eyes. Cool! Milan is really more Germanic than Italian. Celts ruled by the Austrian Empire!  Anyway we walked in to American Kennels and sure enough there were two handsome male auburn longhaired miniatures. Cynthia proclaims: “Very nice but we're not getting any store-bought doggies!” So she marches out and I dutifully shuffled behind apologizing for my dear wife’s comments. Then a crusty old gent named Jack approached me almost yelling  “What is it were you looking for?” Cynthia said “Nothing really” and I blurted out “A female miniature long-haired dachshund!” Jack said, "I have just the thing for you in the back room!"
Cynthia practically screamed "Toooooony pleeeeeaaase! We're not getting any pet from a store!"  Geeze cant a guy look?! Anyway, Jack slips out of the back with remarkable brindel colored doxie. It felt as everyone in the store said ooooh and aaaaah at the same time.  It was love at first sight (for Cynthia too though she wouldn’t admit it for YEARS! ) She said “very nice Jack but I’m hungry and we’re on our way to lunch” Jack says “well I kept her in the back because we want to sell the normal colored ones first”. Cynthia still insisted we would come back after but I finally put on the brakes. I said Cynthia if we leave now after everyone has seen her she wont BE here when we get back. So Cynthia weakened, I left a deposit and we proceeded to drink our first of many bull shots till we came up with a name. With her white flecked body she reminded us of an Apfel Strudel. She also proved extremely curious hence “the Nosey Noodle”. The rest is history. 
Here are Barney and Miss Beazley at the White House- we are not kidding about Strudel's political pup pals:
And do not overlook the fact that Strudel has four capable sea legs:
Here she is on the Trumpy America from Sag Harbor.

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