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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Salon Peachy: Whether You are Going to a Gala at The Plaza, Out to Dinner or ANYWHERE, Go to Cutler Salon for the BEST HAIR! Color Goddess Gaby Bowen and Star Hairstylist Kelsy Osterman Will Make You Look Like a Million Bucks!

...and you know who was going to a Gala at The Plaza if you have been reading closely.  That's the next post.  It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW we keep telling you.  And we love that we know Rodney Cutler.  Peachy Deegan sees and meets a lot of people in the course of the day in Manhattan, and some of them work in the hair industry.  Long ago, we used to work with different salons to see how they differed, but you see we keep going back to Cutler because frankly, they keep making Peachy look better and better.  If you saw the before picture, which doesn't exist because we only show the excellent here (!) and the after picture, you would wonder if it was even the same person after Color Goddess Gaby Bowen and Star Hairstylist Kelsy Osterman went to town on Peachy Deegan.  And what is the magic that happens at Cutler?  It all begins with Mover and Shaker Rodney Cutler:  Rodney is not great only because of his own talents, but he is also great because of his leadership and the mutual respect that he and his team have for each other and his desire to make everyone else around him great.  Being at The Cutler Salon is an inspirational experience.  Yesterday might be the first time Peachy went to Cutler 57th Street when Rodney was not there, and there was no change in the industriousness and creativity that was going on; it is all like creative clockwork.  Sometimes when we review something and do not see the owner there, the atmosphere is different from when the owner is there.  Not so at Cutler.  It is consistently industrious transforming everyone sitting in a chair there into a beauty, and therefore, Cutler is busy and in demand.

Cutler consistently has a team consultation with each client before anything is executed, and we think this makes a big difference.  Every time Peachy has worked with Cutler, both the colorist and the stylist and the client (Peachy!) all have a conversation about what they all think should be the end result, and how they are going to get there.  This team approach does not happen everywhere and truly does make a difference.  Going to Cutler is an upbeat, positive experience overall: it is spotless and clean, the music has energy without being obtrusive, the lighting is terrific (obviously crucial for hair color!) and you'll encounter a team that is fresh, modern, talented, industrious, and FUN.  When we talk about a brand as much as we talk about Cutler, you can feel even better about our endorsement.

The goals yesterday were to take about an inch and a half off the length which needed some sprucing up, to continue with the soft blonde highlights Gaby has been adding in with contrast in the back (no red!  she knows by now she listens all the time and is so conscientious) with glazing inbetween so it controls some of the warmth.  And of course to clear up any gray hair.
Here is where it all starts-that is Gaby Bowen, and she is the person you want to be doing your color.  If you don't live in Manhattan, it is worth the trip here to have her do your color.  Assistant Joyce Gallagher carefully applied a Wella product around Peachy's hairline to protect her skin from the coloring; Joyce is even from Cork, Ireland where Peachy once lived.  Highlights are achieved with precisely perfect foils folded expertly by Gaby Bowen, and when they are done you'll sit under the heat lamp for the right amount of time to get the color you want.  Specifically, Redken Shades EQ was used for the lowlight then the highlight was blond dimensions lightener by Redken too.  The base color was a level six to eliminate the grays (but Gaby is nice enough to call them silver).  Gaby is there back at your chair before the lamp even starts to beep, that is how on the ball she is.    We are thrilled with Gaby's skills and results.  This is how good your color will look when you are done:
That's Peachy and Gaby!
Kelsy you will remember is the total wizard of giving you great hairstyles; you remember she blew out Peachy's hair one year ago when Peachy went to this same Plaza Gala.  We can now confirm she is also the scissor wizard too because look at how even and healthy Peachy's hair looks now.  Kelsy is passionate about making her clients look their best, and making them look like themselves, but better.  You have no fear of looking like someone's art project after a cut with Kelsy as she wants to do what you want.  She crafted long pieces through the front for Peachy in perfect layers, giving her volume and a design that is flattering.   And, the long pieces in the front flow beautifully through the back.   Long hair is in for the winter!  Kelsy has even more ammunition now to achieve the perfect look-Argan Oil by Redken which we loved being introduced to-it nourishes the hair and leaves it shiny and smooth by taming the ends.
"I just want people to know I am here for them.  I'm not here for my own ego.  I want them to look beautiful in their own skin and feel good about themselves," Kelsy Osterman tells Peachy.  "It's lovely to work for a man [Rodney Cutler] and an establishment where he really wants us to do well; he wants us to work in a supportive environment that is also creative."
This is how excellent your cut will look when you are done:
That is Kelsy and Peachy.
We feel most comfortable and confident going to Cutler Salon not only because we know them well now, but also because they are simply the best.  Also, they are nice people too which counts for a lot when you are sitting still in a chair for some time.
And what did Peachy do with the million bucks she looked like thanks to the terrific talents of Gaby and Kelsy?  She made a FRIENDLY bet with Notre Dame's most famous alum Regis for The Holy War, which is of course Notre Dame versus Boston College football....and if you have to ask yourself who went to BC, just remember, the motto there is Ever to Excel.  And how can you possibly excel when your hair is not gorgeous?  
Whom You Know continues to highly recommend The Cutler Salon.
The Best Hair Stylist in Manhattan
 Official Hair Stylist of Whom You Know:
47 West 57th Street 2nd Floor
212 308 3838
465 West Broadway
Park Avenue at the Ganesvoort 
Also in Miami in South Beach at the Ganesvoort
Rodney Cutler is a Mover and Shaker:
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