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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top it Off with Ellen Christine, Official Milliner of Whom You Know, and Keep America on Top!!! Whom You Know Highly Recommends The Royal Blue Feather Fascinator!!!

Ooh la la you just cannot properly go out on the town without the right hat, and you know the right hat for a night out is always by Mover and Shaker Ellen Christine, Official Milliner of Whom You Know. She has been featured more than any other milliner ever and that is because she is simply the best. Look at how fabulous it looks on Peachy:
There she is with're going to find out all about Marianne's fabulous products soon...and today we highly recommend the Royal Blue Feather Fascinator! This boasts hand curled over-dyed coq feathers (rooster, to Peachy!), done in a hand-sewn swirl pattern. This is a "fascinator" that won't overpower and is just proportionally perfect for petite women! 
Obviously, it looks even better with a Star Vodka cocktail in your hand while you gaze at a Bil Donovan painting on the wall....and the cocktail tastes better and the picture looks better when you are wearing the right hat.  You know we are all about getting the entire experience just right!
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The Best Milliner in Manhattan 
Official Milliner of Whom You Know:

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Ellen Christine is a Mover and Shaker:

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